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Post by Gerardo12 » Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:00 pm

I have good expirience

I'm very happy of visiting Poltava, even I am not American and Spanish is my native language and I don't speak any Ukrainian I feel comfortable about the service uadreams agency offers me specially translation service and now when the trip is coming over I know dreams can become true if we look for them. The first step is done and I only wish I would be able to look for the next one to make happy the girl who is the owner of my heart(Well just if she wants).

I'm thankful to all letters I've received from lady's specially those who has a story like mine in which we spend a lot of time working or studying I appreciate them and I wish them good luck. Uadreams website is a good site on the net.

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Post by Earth4 » Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:22 pm

Same as evilfantasy.
That Gerardo12 appears to be a sockpuppet of the OP.

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Post by Ray.M » Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:51 pm

Needless to say, the girl doesn't exist (or she is an employee of the agency), and you will be corresponding with an operator. Old scheme.

Ok. Maybe this scheme exists on the net. But do you think are a stupid company that provides scams photos and at the same time offers live chat with these "scam" girls? How many live scammers should have uadreams in its database? is it a joke? Stupid idea ))

Why do you think uadreams scams? How about live video reviews from customers or that couples who are finally married after their meeting on If they are scams what is the agency doing in the net all this time?

Somebody wrote: "NEVER trust a spammer! NEVER give any i.d. to a spammer! This is an 'online dating' scam. In spam emails, a site shows only a single button, labelled: "Find your dream! Look our gallery! Gallery of ladies" When clicked, that leads to another site."

What abot
1. site provides "terms & conditions"
2. if you try to find a woman as a customer, it's a good way to start with "Look the gallery of ladies" before e-mailing or chatting.
3. by clicking on it you remain on this site.
4. Ok, ladie's photos can be fake or girls are look like scams. Explain me, do I really stupid man who almost 2 years wrote letters to one girl and finally met her offline. And now you tell me that all of them scams? I trust my eyes, not only your "own opinion" - as I can name it.

Just pay attention when you read negative testimonials or reviews about uadreams. Nothing concrete. Only abstract words...

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Post by Menzon67 » Fri Oct 18, 2013 9:51 pm has been established for a long time ago. I could not even imagine how many similar sites were closed during this time. But still works. They have a large amount of customers, eventually most of them come up to Ukraine.

Also I wanna say, photos and videos posted in girl's profiles are excellent. Girl's appearance is astonishing. I was in deep doubts regarding all those on-line dating services, but finally I've found my service.

I am absolutely sure that my money weren't wasted. Girls on chat, look the same as in profile.

I've heard about uadreams scams. Oh, for God's sake, when people buy alcohol or eat fat food, we all do understand hidden threat for our health. When we take medicine, we are always ready for side effects. If you are going to meet scam, be sure you will meet it. After all, I am in a confidence with this matchmaking agency, all we need is - trustment, indeed - it might sound silly for some people, but only trustment will save you from scam.

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Post by salomon62 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:20 pm

This agency is quite professional, I have been to Ukraine in September 2013 and I felt good with their women. People in Ukraine turned out to be very friendly. They tell you everything, where you should go, where you can buy what you need, how to find any place. The girls are extremely friendly, I invited my girl and her tranlator to drink a cup of coffee, and they both became my real friends. There are some cultural diferences between us, the former Soviet Union influences people a lot, but now they are more indpendent. Uadreams reviews on their site are quite useful, man share their experience, so it's a good reason to come

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Post by Walter-Road » Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:53 pm

I've heard a lot about scammers. And I can't find out what is scam?

This issue frustrates people and puts them in awkward position. I would like to hear the evidence of scams. Most of the internet sites and services are pig in a poke. is a confident service for me, because users are able to pay on-line. On-line payments are much safier than cash and I'm absolutely sure, if those guys want to play with me, firstly they will play with my bank. As for me, this is the most forcible argument. There are so many ways to protect yourself, we just have to learn more about them.
Currently, I do not have any problems with, I like their Policy of confidentiality and in comparison with other sites — it looks fabulous.
Make your own choice and do not waste your time with suspicious online dating agencies.

Good luck.

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Post by Steve223 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 12:34 pm

They are all scammers on uadreams, no doubts! They demand your e-mail address and want your money! It is in any case scammers,you have to pay nothing more, like pockets with money, they all earn on us, I wonder the operators answer for the girls from their name, are he girls real at all??? Long activity and reputation blabla...They even register their ( or not their..) girls on another web sites to catch the clients there, where one can talk absolutely secure and free, about what kind of love are we talking now??The corrupted ukrainian business nothing more, i dare not to trust them at all!!! The feeling are only silly things for them, you have money so you are welcome, we spend a big deal of money on these damsels that have no serious intentions, just to stuff their stomach! Ugly , no???
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Post by » Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:53 pm

Unfortunately but we heard about the fake agencies a lot. It is incredible that they still work nowadays. Our agency works for a long time and established reputation of a first class dating agency. Our team works hard for our customers and we value each of them. All the Ladies are real and we do not use fake profiles. All the ladies who become our members are entitled with free photo session. You will not see a single profile of the lady with old and not up to date photos. It's not our policy though we know that unfortunately some match making agencies are practicing this. Such agencies make bad reputation not only for themselves, also online dating business suffers from scam actions.
With the help of many year's experience, our team created absolutely unique services for our clients. Also we make presentation photo-shooting and video for the Ladies. We have a very big gallery of men that gives quite good chances to our Ladies to find their love partner.

Staying in touch in a distance might seems difficult, but with the help of modern technologies — nothing is impossible. We designed an exclusive video chat service, which allows to stay in touch with your beloved one wherever you are. This service became so popular, because it verifies that Lady is real and has serious intentions as to relationships.

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Post by StupidAmerican » Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:01 am

There are also websites claiming (with evidence) that is a scam.

It doesn't really matter about review sites. UaDreams' marketing strategy is to simply send employees out to the sites to rebut negative reviews. Gentlemen, please use common sense. UaDreams is a scam. So is AnastasiaDate. So is, NatashaClub, HotRussianBrides and any site that makes you pay by the letter or for every minute of chatting.

They are the worst of the worst. I have run my kit and I have found women who have boyfriends and/or husbands. They pay their women just like every other scam site. My team has already found local agencies in Ukraine advertising for women to come to their sites for work. Not for dating. Read this advertising from local agencies in Ukraine;

Wanted attractive girls as models from 18 to 35 years old to register a marriage agency. Good opportunity to earn and to find to men. As a nice bonus get - flowers, gifts, expensive restaurants and a free photo session. No sex.
Real men meeting with only optional!
ZP -% of earnings profiles.
welcomes the willingness to work as a model and interpreter in video chat (not necessarily knowledge of English, the site has automatic translators). ZP significantly higher!
For inquiries, please contact
Looking forward to your posts!

PHOTOSESSION free, give you all the photos!

UaDreams will lie until Judgement Day. They will lie with their dying breath to keep the money flowing. The pricing model is no different than any other scam site, so why would we expect honest service? And this is the most insidious thing. You will be at an honest site, talking with women, meeting women who are real. Then a model like creature will contact you. She will make up some story about not feeling safe, or her computer blew up, or not understanding english. She will trick you into giving her your personal contact info. SHE WILL NEVER GIVE YOU HERS!!!!! Then the next thing you know you are back in scam central. You are stuck in yet another site, where the lady is protected from your view. She comes to work at UaDreams to get you to chat. Then she goes back to her normal life just like you never existed. You will be stuck looking at emails that are probably not from her, having conversations with a translator, and looking at pretty pictures. You will never know anything about her. When you finally find her on She will not respond to you. They don't even allow people who are not friends to even message them.

It is all the same. A gigantic scam and we are Stupid Americans for participating.

Unlike the positive reviewers of UaDreams, you can contact me. I am not invisible. I do not disappear. I am on facebook, on vk, and at google +. I am David Brunner, The Stupid American. You see, we can only move forward on the truth. It might be painful and unpleasant. But most of the women at UaDreams do not want you, do not like you, and do not want to know you. They just want your money. If there are honest women at UaDreams, those few, you can meet at a free dating site or at least women who are like them.

You see, no one pays me to post reviews. I get no fee for chatting. I am not an employee of a scam garbage site posting a fake review. And if any of these supposed clients of UaDreams cares to step out into the daylight to do battle. .

let him try. . .

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Post by StupidAmerican » Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:18 am

UaDreams has only established a reputation as a dating agency in its own mind and in the mind of its employees. When you see dissatisfied customers, you have a bad service. UaDreams response to customer dissatisfaction is to blame the customers. In any other business that is a death sentence for the company. But the problem is that this business relies on secrecy. I was secretly trying to use UaDreams to find love. I did not want anyone to know. That is the problem with the dating industry. I am a loser and I know it. And like other men, I sneak to the site and hope that I can find love undercover then lie and claim me and my lady met overseas.

Well, it is time for all lies to die. The men who have been scammed by your UaDreams have to come out and tell their stories. Because your organization is making millions off broken dreams, broken heart, shattter hopes. . .you manufacture misery and heartache.

At the Stupid American, we will start to spread hope. . . .

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