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We provide shared hosting solutions and connected services.
We act in different languages.
The brand is now a part of VOX (CEO : David CESAR)

Nous proposons des solutions d'hébergement mutualisés et d'autres services connexes.
Nous intervenons dans differents pays et langues.
La marque est désormais gérée par la société VOX (Dirigeant : M. David CESAR)

Has privacy policy?
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Has a way for users to contact site owners?
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I had a look to your site. I found nothing wrong which deserves your current assessment. I am not one of your customers but I visited your site as if I wanted to buy a service.
In this page:, you should talk about Google Analytics and put a link to their privacy-policy.

One small problem here: some html tags are escaped.

En cas de difficulté pour l’interprétation et/ou l'application des présentes conditions générales, les parties décident de se soumettre préalablement à une procédure amiable avant toute action judiciaire.

The translation tool does not seem to work (blank page) for the TOS. Do you plan to translate at least in english?

I have rated your site as trustworthy.

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