ALL FIREFOX USERS WOT add-ons being disabled for failing to verify

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RE: ALL FIREFOX USERS WOT add-ons being disabled for failing to

Post by Site-rater » Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:31 am

<quote user="earn_my_trust_to_have_it">
That's really bad news, as I noticed 10 of my 12 add-ons now have a yellow highlighted "LEGACY" stamp on them.

I must confess I dont really know what "WebExtension based" means. I suppose Firefox will throw some documentation at me when I get to that point though eh? One thing I learned years ago about Firefox: if you don't want to update your version, they will hobble you quickly to force you to do it. So there's no staying with what you like. Well the harder things become unnecessarily, the closer I am pushed towards installing Linux finally. I see no value in changing things just for the sake of changing. The world should leave things as they are until I'm dead, then they can ruin everything that was good all they want.

What has happened is that Mozilla has deprecated the use of add-ons based on their UI framework XUL, and instead opted to go with the "WebExtensions" framework, similar to what Chrome uses.

I believe that means you can kiss goodbye to "native" dialog boxes, everything must be HTML based. They are even phasing out their use of XUL within Firefox itself, replacing the settings dialog with a webpage-style tab for the settings.

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RE: ALL FIREFOX USERS WOT add-ons being disabled for failing to

Post by destinationtruth » Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:17 pm

<quote user="earn_my_trust_to_have_it">
Oh that worked well. Thank you!

I cant see what version I have anywhere.
(The only # I find is "WOT 20170725")

But I almost daily have been going to this link
and downloading a fresh copy, as firefox has been removing it whenever I shut the computer off.

It's hard for me to imagine everyone isn't affected as I am, but anything's possible.

I enjoyed reading your profile message. Wish I was sitting on top of a mountain. That must be splendid. (I'm stranded in a city without sufficient means to enjoy this part of my life well. What makes it awful is one cannot see the sky here. That isn't natural. Nor is being stuck indoors for safety. But I have an animal companion and make music though. I managed to save for equipment for that (though they've made things so complicated to use now......when I was a 20-something, in the 80's, a recorder involved pressing record, stop, play or rewind. need a digital recorder with a computer program which requires months of courses. And the electronic drums are similarly challenging just to set up. The guitar is straightforward, but the pedalboard and amp are absolutely not. And the maintenance requires ongoing training. I keep wondering when I get to just play. But I digress..

As to what you said on your profile, I have been using Yahoo e-mail, so each day I get their National Enquirer-level "news" shoved at me. The news is horrifying enough, but reading people's nasty comments is truly soul-souring to be exposed to. I used to not look at "news", I enjoyed the bliss of some ignorance, but I have to check each day now to see when the right wing will take my social security and housing away and tell everyone to hate me too. It's what they do. And looking at that daily has changed me! I kind of automatically go into hateful derision mode when I respond sometimes now. Or at least, at those comment threads I do. I tell them how they make me feel! (awful). So yea, the training of daily being in an environment of hate versus couldn't have been more right about that stuff.

I'm glad that worked for you, but as I and others stated all "legacy" apps will stop working soon. . .and unfortunately the "fix" too is a legacy app as I'm sure you already know. Hopefully WoT will get off their butts and get with a new web app soon.

BTW: thanks for the kind words.

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