Bill Mullins Tech Thoughts...

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Bill Mullins Tech Thoughts...

Сообщение Warxas » Пт дек 17, 2010 3:51 am

Is suspended! When, and why did this happen?

Sad. I hope it returns, I always enjoyed that blog.

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Сообщение Keavs » Пт дек 17, 2010 4:07 am

I can't find any posts on any other forums yet. SO i would guess recently.

If I were to guess... (and this is only a guess) Wordpress has been very paranoid about infringement.

Maybe he used a graphic he believed was fair use... or quoted someone who complained enough.
These rules and laws are getting sticky lately.....
For instance, If I write a good review for Wal Mart... I can use their logo, in low resolution only, for the article.
However if it is a disparaging article, you cannot use a logo. The laws are getting really confusing as of late, and Wordpress has been hit hard by the DMCA. folks for copyright infringement.

I read some stuff he wrote, while looking for a post somewhere, and I really can't see a TOS violation for content.

As I said this is just a guess, but that's what most Wordpress blogs are shut down for.

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Сообщение Warxas » Пт дек 17, 2010 5:21 am

Yes, that makes sense. Although, I could not find any content on his blog that was infringement. You never know.
Thanks for the reply! :)

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RE: Copyrights

Сообщение Keavs » Пт дек 17, 2010 11:34 am

Anytime. Sorry I couldn't find an actual answer. Maybe some of the tech forums will mention it today.

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google cache --

Сообщение Mr_Rick » Пт дек 17, 2010 3:02 pm



RE: Bill Mullins Tech Thoughts...

Сообщение Guest » Пт дек 17, 2010 3:10 pm


[url='' t='_blank']Изображение[/url]

I can easily reach Bill's blog, I recieve his news letter and I'm a regular (almost silent) and avid reader of Bill Mullins whom I deeply respect.

Am I missing something maybe?


RE: Bill Mullins Tech Thoughts...

Сообщение Guest » Пт дек 17, 2010 5:03 pm

Bill has now put this up.

Yesterday, many of you might have seen the following when you you attempted to connect to Tech Thoughts. WordPress had archived or suspended, my blog for a violation of their Terms of Service.

I’m sure that this notice left you with questions – chief amongst them might have been, “I wonder what Bill did to incur the wrath of WordPress”. As my Australian friends might say, “that’s fair dinkum”. But, I can assure you, I did nothing wrong – nothing that justified the removal of my site.

I’m fully aware of the WordPress “Conditions of Service”, and I adhere to them scrupulously. Despite that, this is the second time in the last two years that I’ve gone through this “suspended” scenario. Both times, it turns out, WordPress has encountered a system glitch as the email (received this morning), and shown in the following screen capture, indicates.

As a technologist, I’m more than aware that automated systems are prone to glitches – nothing is perfect. Nevertheless, I have strong objections as to how WordPress handled this.

It seems like a pretty heavy handed way to deal with an issue – giving no warning, and not being specific about the supposed transgression. REALLY heavy handed, given that my Blog is one of their top sites. Hell, it’s one of the top sites on the Internet.

From what I read in the forums on this, a common reason for suspension could be as simple as linking to a site they don’t like. Really! Once a suspension is in effect, there is NO appeal. Your site is gone, and WordPress will not allow you to recover your content. I kid you not! The only set of circumstances under which a site is reactivated is, as in my case, if WordPress has made an error.

Imagine getting fired for breaking a company rule you weren’t aware of, and when you queried your boss as to which rule, you were told – “Well, it’s my interpretation of a rule, and you have choice but to accept it”.

In an adult world, I can’t imagine broad scale acceptance of that type of behavior. But, apparently in the world of WordPress, you’re expected to meekly accept some nameless, faceless person’s decision that you’ve broken a rule, and then go away!

At a minimum, WordPress needs to seriously review and then revamp their whole approach to the question of perceived violations of their Conditions of Service. In the meantime, if you blog on WordPress, it’s imperative that you backup your content religiously. If this can happen to me – it can happen to you. If it should, you may well be one of the thousands who did not get their site back.

Finally, I spent most of last night replying to the hundreds of regular readers who emailed me wondering what was going on. In virtually every case, those readers were astonished that WordPress had suspended my site. I trust that this article has answered your questions, and you have my appreciation for showing your concern, and loyalty.

The Shadow
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Excellent blog!

Сообщение The Shadow » Пт дек 17, 2010 6:05 pm

Rated, commented, and link created.


RE: Bill Mullins Tech Thoughts...

Сообщение Guest » Пт дек 17, 2010 6:39 pm

@ Conspiracy Theory

Thank you:)

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Thank you Conspiracy Theory!

Сообщение Warxas » Пт дек 17, 2010 7:13 pm

So glad to see it back! :)


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