Buying Rapleaf

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Buying Rapleaf

Post by wehaveitall » Thu May 29, 2008 3:10 am

There can be much debate over whether or not (check it out if you havent, it has no viruses, it just is by some views an invasion of privacy) is invading your privacy. One can argue it only takes information from things already posted on the web. One can also argue that your allowed to change the information if you verify that a specific email is yours. Others can argue that its info already on the web.

I went ahead and asked the owner her asking price. I haven't recieved a response yet. But if we determine as a group that the site is an invasion of privacy, and the owner asks for a reasonable asking price, then maybe we can consider asking for donations from the wot community to save up and buy the domain.

Leave your response on whether you think is an invasion of privacy or not, and what you think of the idea.

Update: I just found this on cnet news: "In other words, Rapleaf sweeps up all the publicly available but sometimes hard-to-get information it can find about you on the Web, via social networks, other sites and, soon to be added, blogs. At the other end of the business, TrustFuse packages information culled from sites in a profile and sells the profile to marketers. All three companies appear to operate within the scope of their stated privacy policies, which say they do "not sell, rent or lease e-mail addresses to third parties."
And that's right. Marketers bring TrustFuse their own list of e-mail addresses to buy access to demographic, behavioral and Internet usage data on those people, according to the company's privacy policy and sales documents. "

Taken from:,-your-p ... 05716.html"

If you search on google, only it and sites critisizing it come up.

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never heard about that site

Post by mehfuz » Sun Jun 01, 2008 4:23 am

never heard about that site before, so i checked that out using some old email i don't use now and results shows some detailed info about me, i was surprised. it showed info from myspace,hi5 and some other services i used before and even my name, location, age
but i don't think that site doing anything wrong here, i posted all these info on several sites.

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Buying Rafleaf

Post by safetiman » Mon Jun 02, 2008 3:44 pm

Well, wehaveitall's concern is quite true and I understand it. From my point of view the particulars you have entered into other sites and captured by them and sold to internet marketers is the cause of so many spam in our emails today. The only thing we can do is to ignore and erase all those things in our email which we consider as a SPAM. Anyways, Gmail automatically segregate them on my behalf so I don't bother much with it..

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asked the owner her asking price?

Post by woova » Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:28 pm

Hmm, the sale price would need to be over $1 million, else there would be some reaaaaaally upset venture capture investors for "her" to deal with

According to a Google search today, Rapleap has achieved 331 inbound links ...
(compared to myWOT's 60)

I've already posted in a separate thread that, no, I don't view their aggregation of publicly-accessible data as an "invasion of privacy". Sleazy business model? Yes, definitely... but that's a separate discussion.

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