Do you consider your antivirus software reliable?

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Re: Do you consider your antivirus software reliable?

Post by Foxitron » Wed Dec 23, 2020 3:19 pm

Best antivirus is common sense. I do not use antivirus. I am Linux user. It is enough for me to have VM on my PC with Vt-d, Vt-x if intel, or SVM with IOMMU if AMD, and a vitrual (guest) subsystem to be protected from any trouble for my PC. Never used VM to transfer any important and sensitive data. If guest gets infected, its easy - just remove old virtual HDD and replace it with new one. Host system is always protected by my common sense: do not visit suspicious and unknown sites, only reliable and trusted. The best base protection in this case that is enough is to hide unwanted and annoying ads, for example when watching video on youtube.

OP has strange question however,if people install some antivirus on their pcs, it is clear they trust it.


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