Google Search Results Biased?

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Google Search Results Biased?

Post by A440 » Sat May 16, 2020 11:48 am

FYI, I was reading an excellent article that examines Google's search engine for political bias, the result being that there is no reason to consider Google left or right wing biased in its search results (in American political terms).

I was reading this in light of the Trump's DOJ AG, who is broadly hinting that he and several Republican states Attorney Generals are considering an anti-trust lawsuit against Google (link)
Considering newer GOP attempts to coordinate Republican state AGs actions and knowing that leading those states's attorney generals is the well-known political operative from Texas, Kenneth Paxton, I am certain this is pure politics and a blatant, strategic long term attempt to promote one party's interests over the other, precisely at a time when most are preoccupied with fighting the COVID virus.
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), Missouri’s former state attorney general, was one of the first to open an antitrust investigation into Google back in 2017. Hawley has carried over that same tech skepticism into the halls of Congress where he has sponsored a number of bills aimed at regulating the industry. He has also taken the helm of the Republican party’s claims that large tech platforms censor conservative speech, an unsubstantiated theory.

Despite Google's shortcomings, this sort of political interference, masked by anti-trust concerns could only make things worse.

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