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i don't think ratings are

Post by go_0m » Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:46 am

i don't think ratings are enough for me.

i'd the option to see if there's a significant amount of red comments (malware, spam etc.) when i mouseover a site on google. i've found a few sites that are strongly rated green that aren't safe.

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re: i don't think ratings are

Post by c۞g » Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:52 am

i've found a few sites that are strongly rated green that aren't safe.
Curious; and they are ...
(just domain names, please no live links or scorecard links)



Post by Guest » Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:02 pm

"because of warnings and alerts that are flagrantly false and undeserved"
And those sites where the "alerts" and "warnings" . . . "are flagrantly false and undeserved" are . . . ?? And WHY are those "alerts" and "warnings" untrue??

"posters who consistently rate good sites poorly"
How do you know how a poster "rates" sites? Do you go into the WOT virtual voting booth with them? (Neat trick). Are you talking about "comments" instead?

"outvoted many times over by positive comments and votes"
You seem to be mixing apples (ratings, "votes") with oranges (comments).

"I can see some serious legal challenges in WOT's future if this imbalance continues."
And just exactly what would those "legal challenges" be based on, and what countries would they be filed in?

Your post is very vague . . . can you provide specifics?

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Post by c۞g » Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:43 pm

Google Shawn Casey / MLM = hundreds of domains; should do a dig and make it public...

ie: - Mining Gold Corporation aka Success Management Corp - Shawn Casey
[url= t=_self]ripoff report[/url]
[url= t=_self]ripoffReport[/url]
[url= t=_self]complaintsBoard[/url]



Post by Guest » Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:22 am

OK . . . I went to the scorecard for and saw aggro's comment . . . that says it all. No need to go any further as far as aggro's credibility, which is what my question was about anyway.

My questions were intended to lead to some reasonable discussions of "the other side of the story", but now I see that this wouldn't have happened.

Usually go to a profile and see what sites the person has rated . . . should have done that here and it would have saved me a few posts.

@ aggro,

Forget about the questions I had . . . no need to respond (unless of course you can contribute something more specific than "Another ignoramus who doesn't know his arse from his elbow")

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How would I go about putting

Post by Master Marik » Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:45 pm

How would I go about putting WOT's add-on to my forum?

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Post by c۞g » Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:16 am

incorporate WOT's [url= t=_self]API[/url] into the backend of your forum by editing the code directly or through the Administration panel. - think of it as a user contributed module or "hack" as they used to be called. You can also try to code in the [url= t=_self]WOT Widget[/url] if you prefer.

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Google Images

Post by Master Marik » Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:50 pm

I've noticed that you can barely see (or in some cases not see) the WOT icon when browsing Google Images. It would be nice if the WOT icon was above the image instead so that it's easier to know that it's safe or not safe to click on that image.

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Post by TheAnon » Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:04 am

I did experience this too.
@ Sami: The changing of George Hazards issue can be fixed in very short time right?
Or do i underestimate the work for such a small thing?
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WOT May Help U from Avoiding an Online Scam.

Post by Meat_Wagon » Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:17 am

So you go surfing the web, looking for that 'must have' gizmo, wouldn't it be nice if a free service had already checked every facet of that vendor site and gives you a current report on it that is easy to read, and if you join the WOT © team you can provide your feedback on that vendor or service too for a global audience to view. Sure there is a McAfee Site Advisor © that does the same, kinda, but check out how much RAM it sucks even when off-line running as a resident program all the time your computer is on, unless U go into the Task Manager and kill that process, it will B back after it looks for a signature update thru a SVCHOST! WOT is bug-free, no-catches/contracts freeware. It requires a small file to download and install, a novice-level task, keep the cookies it sends U. No adds, nags or firewall permissions to tweak. Based out of Finland (The EU turns out many of the best cyber-protection programs going, many for free, like A-Squared or AVG.). Works on Microsoft Internet Explorer & FireFox and has a novice level GUI. It will even prevent you from logging onto sites like: 'Free Wallpapers' or 'Crackz 'n Hackz for the best free software!' with servers in Russia, or China, and most of the files U want to grab are infected with computer-killing bugs. Or you can even over-ride the multiple warnings it will give you before you go ahead and watch your screen turn blue :-( Go to to get started, and take the few minutes to set up a surfing tool that sticks a small icon on your browser toolbar, from that you can manage your account & even provide feedback on a vendor who caused you grief or did U good. Surf the net and see color coded evaluations of that site long before you ever visit them, then if you do open up that URL they log/retain & sell your I.P. & E-Mail address and now you are getting Spam from them galore. Got kids then what an adult may want to view may not be appropriate for them, set is to filter out porn/violent web-sites or U-Tube hot-steamy videos! I hope you take advantage of this free/small unobtrusive tool that tells you that posting your Visa numbers to a site called: based out of servers in say Kiev may not be a great way to keep your purchases secure or even ever inbound 2 U, but watch as plenty of cyber-crooks using your name & plastic just maxed it out in a day or 2 tops! In 2009 I posted a Visa & Master Card to secure sites for lo-end purchases, both were hacked, McAfee ensured me they were legit sites, so did an AVG site evaluation. Flush your caches, turn off your auto-complete 'honey-pot' traps, clear all your *.tmp's/MRU files on browser exit and hope the server on the other end is as secure as they purport to be. Or maybe a harvester/back-door exploit is now working overtime and has yet 2 B fond/wiped from my network of hi-end computers. Until then if the vendor has a toll free phone # pick up the phone and order what U want without ever putting your personal data onto a generic web-site. No this is not a hard sell for WOT! I began my online novice days in 1983 with an Apple IIE in the days B 4 there even was a real Internet, just BBS's running at 9,600 baud, very few bugs around then! Now here I am 27-years later, a Systems Administrator & webmaster, and per Trend over 5k new lethal malware programs flooding the net DAILY! So I have picked up a few maxims about online security, ya think? When hackers can break into the Pentagon & SO many other super-secure domains U would think R safe, there is nothing safe out in the net anymore that has not, or will be hacked in time. WOT is just a tool, not a Facebook/My-Space social networking P2P client, and those who use it as such disclose far too much upping the ante of a data theft. So I thank WOT for helping me choose safer sites where I may get what I pay for, not an E-Mail or paper-statement from my bank, credit card company telling me that 'I' just bought loads of items from computers in countries I have never even visited or want to, and because in a few seconds my data was T-1-ed to multiple servers & dispersed over global black-market sites where for a crook's cut U then become a victim with your money gutted in nations that don't ever give it back. Sure the better credit card companies will finally replace that loss if it was not one you caused by say putting your Visa #'s on USENET! But that is still a long slow process to prove to intransigent fraud resolution agents your innocence, when it is much easier to turn up the heat on the victim hoping they will pay with weekly threatening letters, calls and E-mails, + the police reports U must file if U get cyber-jacked, than them following a useless paper-trail that leads to your money already long spent, and no traces left to point to the perp(s). WOT is a step forward in keeping crooks out of your data, so until someone comes up with an affordable home PC iris scanner peripheral peep-hole, costing lot$ for the set-up & of course the fees 2 keep it going, WOT is IMHO the best free passive/interactive counter-measure we have going.

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