how to verify a blog?

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RE: how to verify a blog?

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How can you save it to your blog with no page name? It surely would be [something].html.....?

<quote user="weaver.grace">
Please note that the suggestions from CraftyBadger only apply to sites that are self-hosted, not websites that are hosted on WordPress servers..

I used the HTML verification process:
downloaded and opened the HTML file,
copied the last part of the file name (after the last /),
created a new page using that as the page name in the URL,
copied the code that was in the HTML file and pasted it to my new page,
and saved the new page to my blog with no page name.

This verified my site through WOT.

My new page shows as a blank hot link on my menu bar. You can put the link to your page where you want it.

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I have locked this topic because it has received nothing by spam comments for over three years. Users may request via PM to the WoT staff or forum moderators that it be unlocked.


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