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Post by JulieA2012 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:53 am

<quote user="evilfantasy">
I personally will not mass rate blacklists. Websites get infected/hacked and many times it takes the owner a few days to get things sorted out. Getting removed from some blacklists however can take a while. So you are right. Mass rating them is not good practice.

People used to post blacklists and the majority of us would complain telling everyone not to rate the list unless they have personally visited each website and verified it is still dangerous and that the site owner is not trying to fix the problem. There are also different kinds of blacklists and not everyone takes the time to figure out exactly what they are rating/commenting on.

This is also addressed in the WOT Wiki.

I agree. It doesn't sound like a good idea to try to mass rate them to me.

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