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Mass Rating Tool

Post by Kenneth1985 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:50 am

Is there any way to hide comments made with the mass rating tool on site scorecards? I find them to be irritating and disruptive. I want to see what actual users of the site have to say, not someone who just rated a whole bunch of sites indiscrimately based on some list.

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RE: Mass Rating Tool

Post by NotBuyingIt » Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:01 am


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RE: Mass Rating Tool

Post by evilfantasy » Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:23 am

<quote user="kenneth1985">not someone who just rated a whole bunch of sites indiscrimately based on some list.[/quote]

I personally will not mass rate blacklists. Websites get infected/hacked and many times it takes the owner a few days to get things sorted out. Getting removed from some blacklists however can take a while. So you are right. Mass rating them is not good practice.

People used to post blacklists and the majority of us would complain telling everyone not to rate the list unless they have personally visited each website and verified it is still dangerous and that the site owner is not trying to fix the problem. There are also different kinds of blacklists and not everyone takes the time to figure out exactly what they are rating/commenting on.

This is also addressed in the WOT Wiki.


On December 28, 2009 an announcement was made informing the WOT Community that access to the mass rating tool has changed to Platinum level users; while current Gold level members who already have access to the mass rating tool will retain that access. However, new Gold level members will have to reach Platinum level before they are awarded the privilege. This change came as a result of members abusing the use of the tool by rating published blacklists and host files without verifying the validity of the source and for not checking these list entries for accuracy. Sometimes innocent sites are mistakenly added to these lists, known as a false positive or sites are added temporarily because they were compromised in neither case should these sites Reputation suffer long term effects within WOT from this misuse.

Rating from lists

You may find blacklists or blog/forum posts that mention large quantity of domains that have been identified as having malware or is involved in phishing. These lists change. Sometimes compromised sites are posted temporarily and once cleansed, they are removed. Your rating will remain if you rate from lists, it is your responsibility to remove your ratings and comment (if any) accordingly.

One example is the use of hpHosts database listings (trusted sources). Some domains that are listed are not malicious, but rather are documented as being an advertiser that potentially could track a users browsing habit. Just because hpHosts lists them, does not mean you should rate the site until after you have had the chance to visit it, it could be an error on hpHosts (false positive). For more information, please read this [url= t=_self]hpHosts blog article[/url].

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RE: Mass Rating Tool

Post by PuddinTame » Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:28 am

If you're of a technical bent you could make a GreaseMonkey script I guess. You could also edit Chrome's default CSS file if you use that browser, though I'm not sure that'd be enough. The massrate css tag looks like this:
(em class="tipsy-tip massrated" original-title="This comment was submitted using the mass rating tool")(/em)
If you make that invisible it won't remove the comment, but it could serve as the trigger for a script/something else to act on the comment.

EDIT-Also I've never looked at the WOT source code before. I like the whimsy of 'tipsy-tip'.

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RE: Mass Rating Tool

Post by Kenneth1985 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:27 am

Seems like more trouble than it's worth. Oh, well. Thanks for the responses, everyone.

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RE: Mass Rating Tool

Post by Dragon™ » Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:28 am

<quote user="kenneth1985">
I find them to be irritating and disruptive.

At times they annoy me as well. Especially when the entire first page of a scorecard is filled with MRT comments

At present comments with the most votes are put on the first page/given priority. This changes when a scorecard has "controversial ratings" or "comment votes disabled". In such a situation the users activity score determines which comments are given "priority". More activity points=higher priority on scorecard comments.

If Admin put in place a feature that by default gives lower priority to comments placed with the MRT-unless the comments have received positive votes then they are more likely to stay behind other comments. . Yes I know there are other things to consider but overall I think this will work better:)

And as far as "activity points" determining which comments are placed on top of the list. . . Well I never did agree with that anyway and think it should be dumped:) If anything a users reliability should determine the order of comments on a scorecard when comment votes are "disabled". Not to mention that in most cases comments placed with the MRT tool will be given priority on such scorecards anyway, because users who have access to the MRT tend to have more activity points= another reason to ditch that feature:)

My 5 cents.


RE: Mass Rating Tool

Post by Guest » Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:38 am

One can vary how comments are displayed, as in order.

A page that generates "a mass of MRT comments" tends to deserve them.


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RE: Mass Rating Tool

Post by c۞g » Thu Apr 19, 2012 2:26 pm

s there any way to hide comments made with the mass rating tool on site scorecards? I find them to be irritating and disruptive. I want to see what actual users of the site have to say, not someone who just rated a whole bunch of sites indiscrimately based on some list.
And how would you _know_ how many sites are rated at any one time?

Example, I keep the MRT open in a separate tab.
I could be looking at 1 site, finalize my review, switch tabs to the MRT, rate and leave a comment specific to this site..

Why would I use the MRT for single site ratings?
I had Timo incorporate a variable that is replaced with the domain name for MRT, called !domain
I can have a comment for DNS link (my future reference)

Code: Select all!domain.html
I could reference CleanMX, different malware lists (if the site is listed), SafeBrowsing, etc., all specific domain URL's.

The MRT allows for "specific site comments" as well as "general comments" for a group of domains.
The difference is that now, the MRT comment is identified with an image on the scorecard (it never used to be)

"made by actual users"
How could you tell an "actual user" from any other visitor?

Also, a user can create a simple text file:
This site is really kewl!
It has so much great information
I am glad to be part of it's community
No problems here!

Copy then paste that into a slew of domains, up to 1000 for five bucks [microjob comments without access to the MRT]

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RE: Mass Rating Tool

Post by alphacentauri » Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:28 am

While non-specific comments may be annoying, if you're a site owner who is cleaning up after your site has been pwned, it's helpful to have a list of a lot of the high reputation reviewers who rated your site down. They won't know to come remove their ratings if you can't contact them.

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RE: Mass Rating Tool

Post by blaze41 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:37 am

I personally think that the MRT is pointless. There is no way to go and review the site for yourself and ensure it can be rated correctly, comments should be constructive in nature that inform the public of whats wrong/right with the site. Yet most the mass ratings that I have seen are simplistic comments such as: Scam, Owned By Microsoft, ect. I also think that the ratings from the sites using the MRT are influenced by forum posts telling people they are bad verse investigating it themselves. I understand that some experienced people put together these lists but humans are flawed in nature. Just my opinion, I will never use it even if it becomes available just to try to preserve the integrity that this community is supposed to be about.

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