Offering "conTex" to neutralize browser restraints

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Offering "conTex" to neutralize browser restraints

Post by Myxt » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:19 am

- Go to _ and copy the long line of code (line2).
- Create a new browser bookmark, give it a name, and paste the code in the URL field.
- Open a web page and click the bookmark to neutralize JS browser restraints.
- It's a JavaScript, so it won't work unless JavaScript is enabled in your browser.
- If you need to restore the original page functionality, reload it.

Some web site owners justifiably fear you will steal their content, others would rather you didn't know what's going on under all those frames and overlays, and some simply don't want you to abandon (run, do not walk) their sites until you have coughed up your PII and money. So they run a variety of JavaScript code to disable the right-click context menu, the select and copy functions, the page exit - features that any reasonable person should expect from a browser.

True, you can visit a page in a browser armored with such as NoScript (for Firefox); but when you do, the page may be rigged to show a blank page, throw a 404 (not found) error, or redirect you elsewhere in order to avoid revealing anything about itself. In other cases, the underlying page body may be covered with one or many frames or overlays.

And true, if you want to get past the restraints, all you have to do is go fishing in your browser's settings to disable JavScript, or run a DOM inspector, or install some browser extension that may do most of what it promises, and may reload the page, which could disappear because JavaScript is turned off ... [sigh].

When I looked at ([url= t=_blank]scorecard[/url]) recently, I was impressed (inspired actually) by its labyrinth of browser-hobbling functions and so ...
// _ Abstract:
// conTex.js neutralizes some tricks which prevent right-click context menu, content select and copy, and page exit, and creates a path
// to View Source of the page body, beneath frames and overlays, by right-clicking a "blue B in red circle" icon in the upper-left corner.

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