Saving your ratings

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Saving your ratings

Post by Apollo702 » Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:01 am

This all will depend on if members of the community want to save their ratings for any reason. It also assumes that there are any members left to read this at all.

Members may remember that there used to be a function that allowed us to save our ratings as a zip file. That has long since been broken. I emailed the phantom developers and asked for a partial share of my ratings from a crucial portion- and got stiffed. The point is we are on our own.

I have my reasons for needing my ratings and I just copied and pasted them into a (Libre Office) document. If anybody wants to take on that task I would recommend using a program like LL- or something similar- which has capabilities such as autosaving, sorting...

It took time- but it can be done. I got most of mine- but, all ratings earlier than late 2012 were lost. This is yet one more example of WOT being a sinking ship. With things breaking constantly it would not be surprising to come here one day and find the ship finally has slipped under the waves.

IF IF IF this is something that matters to you my advice would be don't dilly-dally!

Good luck and thank you for all of the great memories!

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