The Internet of Insecure Things

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The Internet of Insecure Things

Post by Javelina » Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:03 pm

There is a new mywot blog post up, "Hey Alexa, Send My Regards To The CIA – Connected Devices in The Age of Snowden". It is a good read! I used it as the basis of a blog post of my own, "Hey Alexa, Send My Regards To Everyone" <!--break--> hxxps://

As I was researching it, I found some interesting/ disturbing things. There is already a startup that is trying to create a commodities exchange for IoT data. IBM knows about it, and suggests the need for care due to known weaknesses in anonymizing data, especially when it can be cross-correlated across multiple domains of use. F-Secure, another Helsinki company like WOT (Suomi!) is offering a connected device security service to consumers but wisely questions whether anyone really needs to connect a web server to their dishwasher or weirder yet, have an IoT mattress. Both products exist.

I mentioned all of this on my blog post. I am not selling any service on my blog, nor advertising, nor promoting an agenda. Well, I do have an agenda: consumers and the general public should exercise care with their own and their family member's personal data, including biometric information. Be certain that the benefits of an IoT product are worth the upfront and/or recurring monetary cost, as well as the implicit cost of the valuable information you provide via IoT sensors.

There is a funny/ scary video too!

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