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RE: WOT freemium

Post by Fantozzi » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:44 pm

= RUS =

Не думаю, что организаторы этого эксперимента рассчитывали на поддержку публики.

Я считаю, что нельзя отбирать игрушку у ребёнка и требовать внести плату.
Очень много людей пользуется аддоном Web of Trust вслепую, как моя жена. Я не хочу объяснять ей что это такое, за это она не рассказывает мне про удобрение домашних растений. Мне удалось лишь научить её пугаться красных колечек.
Продавать можно только те функции, без которых можно обойтись, то есть дополнительный функционал: WOT для мобильных устройств или NoScript, который принимает решение в зависимости от репутации сайта в базе WOT. При введении оплаты не должна пострадать ни одна бабушка или жена.

Я не знаю цифр, но интуиция подсказывает: продукт, основанный на бескорыстном вкладе людей, нельзя продавать этим же людям.
Это как сделать платный доступ к Википедии.

Можно подумать о сотрудничестве с социальными сетями, блог-платформами, антивирусными компаниями, браузерами, службами электронной почты и какими-то другими популярными сервисами, предложить им свои услуги. Но нужно ли им это? Многие из них зарабатывают именно на том, что не пользуется доверием у WOT-сообщества.

Я не возражал бы, если бы мне раз в месяц предложили поучаствовать в социологическом исследовании или посмотреть рекламу, основанную на моих интересах.

= English from robots =

I do not think that the organizers of this experiment are counting on the support of the public.

I think that it is impossible to select a toy from a child and demand to pay a fee.
So many people use the Web of Trust addon blindly, as my wife. I do not want to explain to her what it is, for that she is not telling me about fertilizing houseplants. I only managed to teach her to be afraid of red rings.
You can sell only those functions that are not needed by everyone, that is, additional functionality: WOT for mobile or NoScript, which takes a decision based on the reputation of the site in the database WOT. With the introduction of payment shall not suffer any one grandmother or wife.

I do not know numbers, but intuition: a product based on the selfless contribution of people, you can not sell to the same people.
This is how to make paid access to Wikipedia.

You might think about partnership with social networks, blogging platforms, antivirus companies, browsers, e-mail services and some other popular services, offer them your services. But do they need it? They earn money on it that is not trusted by the WOT-community.

I would not mind if I offered once a month to participate in the sociological study or watch advertising, based on my interests.

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RE: WOT freemium

Post by User150 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 2:09 pm

I was hit with this, this morning. I was not happy and am not happy! I don't rate sites but I promoted you to many, many users. Not counting the dozens I physically installed. There has to be a better way than this to generate some revenue. If not, then IMO, you are in deep trouble. Your vast user base will turn on you...

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RE: WOT freemium

Post by donsorg » Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:21 pm

hello everyone, here is my _personal_ point of view about the subject:

the experiment has one simple condition: "WOT won't ask for a fee if you contribute by rating websites".

If there were not this condition, I assume, the picture would be even more worse - people who spent their time by finding and rating sites now would have to pay. That's unfair and crazy. That is why there is such a condition.

For unknown reason, some people got the perception "WOT now forces me to rate".
Absolutely No, this is wrong. There is no such intention at all.

It's expected that amount of happy users who love to pay will be near zero and number of complains will be quite noticeable.

The screenshot of the WOT popup:


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RE: WOT freemium

Post by evilfantasy » Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:46 pm

Why not follow the lead of other free security services and solicit or advertise (with a donate button) for donations instead of requesting a small fee? The button can be on MyWot.com, be seen during the install process and be seen on scorecards. Anywhere but in a pop-up!

Donations can be ignored. They are voluntary and they are seen by every WOT user no matter how long they have used the add-on or how active they are in contributing to the WOT library.

A small fee, any fee, with a blacked out scorecard can not be ignored. It feels like a demand or request for payment to use the WOT add-on and only certain WOT users see it and that makes it even worse.

If users have a choice to give money for the running costs of the add-on and MyWot.com then they will. An "Unblock using PayPal" popup is along the same lines as adware or malware.

You have turned WOT into adware by using this approach.

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RE: WOT freemium

Post by Marymcal1962 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:25 pm

can't believe after all my years of using this add on I am now being asked to pay for it.
It is a great add on tool to work along side your internet security but not as an added charge.
If WOT is not working because I have not paid it should remove the service from my computer completely.
I am sorry WOT has decided to charge for this service as it was so good as a free tool.
I will not be paying for this service so guess I am no longer welcome in the WOT community.
Regards to all.

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RE: WOT freemium

Post by Myxt » Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:38 pm

<quote user="octoberinthechair">How many of those downloads have been uninstalled?[/quote]There are also those who only download and do nothing further.

<quote user="evilfantasy">The button ...[/quote]... has been too scarce. For users whose closest approach to mywot.com is at the hot-zone of a mouse pointer HID pointing device - no site visits, no membership, only a traffic light - why would they donate if they are unaware it is either possible or desired? And how would one "announce" Freemium to them unless it is at the point of a mouse? Rather than struggling with mixed opinions about Freemium, I prefer to have no opinion at the moment.

Like the Freemium button, a donation request button will only be seen by most low-activity users out at the mouse / the pop-up:

If WOT has kept you from getting burned,
please give back by making a [Donation]
or by contributing ratings of sites you know.

... and the message magically does away if either contribution is made. I'll call this idea Donatium&trade;.

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RE: WOT freemium

Post by evilfantasy » Thu Apr 10, 2014 12:11 am

<quote user="myxt">
- no site visits, no membership, only a traffic light - why would they donate if they are unaware it is either possible or desired?[/quote]

I suggested the points of interaction where everyone is most likely to see it.

<quote user="evilfantasy">
The button can be on MyWot.com, be seen during the install process and be seen on scorecards. Anywhere but in a pop-up![/quote]

There are plenty of places to get donations noticed. Facebook, Twitter, the WOT Blog, and all other social websites where there is a WOT account. A WOT newsletter. I can think of plenty of places for a donate button to be seen by many users without making it feel like a payment request, a bribe or adware.

It's called marketing. It's pretty hard to monetize a product, especially one that has been free for years, without some level of marketing. It's obvious that there is a want and/or need for funding. I would hope that they can do it without losing a big chunk of their user base and what is being done with this freemium thing is going over like a brick as far as we know. Although there may be a lot of users who are giving up a few bucks to help out because they appreciate the add-on. That's not really our business though so with that thought, I'm done with my suggestions.

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RE: WOT freemium

Post by Supuhstar » Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:58 am

<quote user="laidi">
Have you synchronize your account?
If not, then you need to go to your profile tab and then press the synchronize tab (it will appear in pink colour if you haven't made the synchronization yet)

I installed the app and logged in. Why would I need to do anything else?

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RE: WOT freemium

Post by Supuhstar » Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:03 am

<quote user="issviews">
Reading recent posts it's clear to see that this experiment by WoT is not being favoured and leading to a few people leaving. Admittedly some (if not a lot) have contributed little to the forums or scorecards but there is a definate indication that this venture is not going down well with people. I wonder how many silent members just uninstalled WoT without further ado, having realised the way it planned to go.

Come on WoT rethink things before too much damage is done.

Web of Trust, whether they want it to be or not, is a browser extension, much like AdBlock. It's not a forum. The beauty of it, of course, is that it's crowd-sourced and doesn't use an algorithm to determine what's bad and what's good. Some users contribute by rating, but most people just want something that's going to reliably tell them what's good and what's bad for free.

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RE: WOT freemium

Post by DesktopMasters » Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:35 am

I do feel you should be able to make money and find financing. I do not think you should remove an already existing feature to accomplish that. I think perhaps a small advert (with the users ability to turn it off). Forcing users to pay to use your free service that other people have contributed to for free is a little off center.

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