WOT Scorecard Spam – This is just too much

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WOT Scorecard Spam – This is just too much

Post by A440 » Tue Nov 23, 2021 8:25 am

I must really raise a complaint with the management about this ongoing problem that has seen no moderation or enforcement.

Jocial.com was just one example of what could go wrong with unmoderated scorecard spamming. There are further problems, for example, look at the comments for Facebook.com.

The comments therein contain several attempts at spamvertisements and there is even one for dating (sex hookups):
(2 days ago from this date)
An excellent site! I decided to find myself a companion for the weekend.
Facebook suggested to me the site http//:4you.top
I found a lovely girl there and we had a wonderful time. We are together now!
Which points to: womenforlove.net
which dumps one out at: igetnaughty.com

There is also sites listed in the scorecard comments such as:

on Instagram

If WOT management wants to let their site rating quality go down, this is a great way to start.
How about putting an end to scorecard spamming and the farming of scorecard reviews?!

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Re: WOT Scorecard Spam – This is just too much

Post by Site-rater » Wed Nov 24, 2021 3:08 pm

Ever since the WOT "4.0" system, when the sliders got replaced by star ratings and the machine learning module went online, I have only seen things go downhill.

Quite often I don't even comment on scorecards, as some of the sites I rate are a bit too "spicy" to give a review on, considering today's sociopolitical climate.

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Re: WOT Scorecard Spam – This is just too much

Post by Myxt » Wed Dec 01, 2021 12:24 pm

Well, one good thing is that posted URLs aren't live, so they don't deliver back-link juice from WoT to the linked site.

To be fair, safnah.com is the poster's WoT username - and s/he doesn't have a very high opinion of F_book.

But yeah, WoT's automated spam detection seems to be disabled or missing, and it's unclear what or if the machine is learning.

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