Your views on advertising on websites

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Your views on advertising on websites

Post by Swapfire » Sun Apr 03, 2011 6:06 am

I was having issues with Google adsense and some other ad delivery systems with some internet security solutions blocking banners. Not to mention obvious problem- ads won't show up and revenues are lost, but ad space is part of design layout which result in either blank squares or text wrapping issues.

What do you think, is this fair from owners point of view? I mean if I'm delivering free content isn't it fair to make a living from advertising? I never saw newspapers sold with hole in classifieds pages and never saw TV sets with automated set of black paper sheets covering commercials.

I get software aiming to protect users from possible threats from third parties, but they have technology and databases on their possession to filter reliable source from suspicious. They choose to cut off whole streams instead.

Please, I'm asking you to be rational on this discussion. No one likes ads I admit it, but if you're getting free content and services, you definitely could live with that. What right does Kasperski and other "web angels" have to cut out source of income for most websites?

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RE: Your views on advertising on websites

Post by HansTheBlueFrog » Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:00 am

Here is my very rational Response: (a) On the whole this is a matter of choice for both webmaster and end-user; and (b) Webmasters are responsible to ensure that their sources of advertising do not create security issues for site visitors.

The majority of visitors to your website do not visit to see syndicated advertisements, and many of those will experience the presence of advertisements as an annoyance. If those people can get your content elsewhere, they will most likely do so. Then it comes down to this. If it works for the New York Times and for the BBC among others, will it necessarily work for you? How original is your content? How high a perceived value do your site visitors place on your free content?

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RE: Your views on advertising on websites

Post by Swapfire » Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:14 am

I'm not talking about any particular site, but concept in general. To make matters even less personal- take Facebook as an example. And before you turn out of main path- no matter how you may hate facebook, or ad content they serve, it has billions of users and if no advertising, facebook would probably be out by today. There you go- content that attracts people and content that has no competition.

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RE: Your views on advertising on websites

Post by Ecker » Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:31 am

I also think that it should be possible to earn money with advertising but if I don't like to see it I should can turn it off. And I do turn it off. Why? I don't buy anything. If I buy something I look for it. And then, I also check the advertising. Of course, I will loose some information but should I also loose the free stuff only because I only buy what I need or don't have enough money to buy so much?
I do pay taxes and work for the system. I don't want to be blocked only because I am not affected from advertising and consecutive turn it off.

There is a green search engine that works togehter with a NGO and earns money with advertising for some projects and here I have to turn advertising on to help them. They know how to make me watch advertising.


RE: Your views on advertising on websites

Post by Guest » Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:57 am

I have to agree with HansTheBlueFrog as often this advertising is nothing more than a deterrant for me visiting a site. We are bombarded with adverts everywhere we look. I make every attempt to block all ads that may be pushed my way. I do not wish to see them or click on any links within because it is not uncommon to help ckickjackers earn revenue from the website owner and also third party ads have been known to be malicious in the past.

These adverts have been known to conflict with a webmasters aim where their users desert to a site without the ads or see another site displayed within the ad that grabs their interest causing the visitor to frequent there instead.

Looking at the adverts themselves, you will note that most of those pushed your way are located in countries outside of your own. As a UK citizen, what is the point in me clicking on products or services that are only available to US citizens! They all say 'BUY, BUY, BUY'. Rarely will you see anything that does not encourage this. I feel, I do not need any site on the Internet pushing this garbage in my face day in, day out. If I want or need to buy something, I am quite capable of doing my own research to find the best product and deal which suits me in the UK. I do not need services like this invading my screen.

Some sites restrict the adverts to unregistered users (WOT, COU and some others) which is good because a registered user is not subjected to this garbage. The bigger sites like FB, the BBC, etc. do not need to bother thenselves with this due to the high volumes of visitors they get. In some ways I think this causes them to be less responsible and thorough in ensuring the ads are safe.

Adverts if managed correctly within a site can benefit a webmaster however all too often, greed takes over and suddenly the home page is one mass advert and the site content is overpowered by this. If a site is managed properly, a minority of adverts (placed around the pages but not dominent) can be used but only approved ones which compliment the site and do not invade on visitors.

Now you say you should be able to earn revenue for running a free site. Well, that depends on how extravagant you were in building and hosting the site as free sites can be hosted and not cost more than a cup of coffee a day to keep them up and running. Only when your visitor count runs into the higher bracket where you them have to consider moving from shared hosting to a dedicated server, should there be ways to recoup costs. If a site is valued enough, having a donate button can go a long way to help pay for this. Adverts may help but more and more people are blocking them now because this area has been far too exploited and pushed in our faces.

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RE: Your views on advertising on websites

Post by Elias4k » Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:55 pm

In my opinion, ads are a mixed bag.
They provide fuel for some good websites would otherwise close, and who really don't want them can turn it off with a click (with a decent browser).
But on the other side flashing ads really make difficult to read a page, and there are deceptive ones resembling buttons, or system messages, often linking to gray-area vendors to say the least.
Third, often underrated fact, ads sometimes drive web designer to lower websites' ergonomics dividing the content in many pages with a few sentences each, or fueling flamewars on forums and blogs that generate more impressions and attract more visitors just for litigation, without providing real value to the visitors and lowering the level of the discussion.

Google, years ago, improved the average user experience using many less invasive text-only ads and enforcing quite good guidelines, but still some "bad" ads can be found.
It added another "quality layer" allowing webmasters to refuse ads from some vendors, but this means less revenues and I wonder how many webmasters uses AdSense filters, or really take time to monitor all possible vendors' ads published on their websites.
This is a big issue, as you don't really directly know who are you hosting on your website with ads.
Facebook, on the other hand, started with really many "bad" ads, and it still is plagued by a lot of them.
Anyway ads are ineffective if not targeted to the specific user, and that make me quite skeptical about the very essence of privacy behind ad-provider methods.

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RE: Your views on advertising on websites

Post by Swapfire » Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:35 pm

I like your note on ads for unregistered visitors. As for the last paragraph- I doubt any business oriented webmaster would launch project and expect just to break even with costs. I mean you don't go to work just to cover your commuting expenses.

I myself usually tend to avoid certain websites because of "in your face" advertising. And in my own projects I try to avoid them being pushed in, so each ad I host is separated distinctively and out of main content. And pop ups or "expandable" ads are full stop.

I'm asking you this question not because ad blockers is a big issue- there are quite easy steps to over some it, but rather raise that business vs. "clean" browsing discussion. And maybe brainstorm ideas how to make whole thing more transparent- when you know that clicking "coca cola" banner will get you what you expect and not some "free "dongle" enlarging cola for every 2nd subscriber" that led to ad blockers being developed in the first place.


RE: Your views on advertising on websites

Post by Guest » Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:05 pm

I doubt any business oriented webmaster would launch project and expect just to break even with costs.

I wasn't aware we were talking about business webmasters here. I took the topic as aimed at the average small websites run from home of on shared hosts.

Personally I have never liked pop-ups or pop-under advertisements and regard these as the most infuriating of the lot. When I first started on the Internet many moons ago, I spend time surfing and seeing just what was on this World Wide Web. Curiosity got the better of me back then. I quickly learnt and grew to hate these pushy adverts as some sites would literally open up to 30 new browser windows where you could not close many of them without having even more open. The only way to stop it was to close the browser down using task manager. This was the start of my hatred for online advertisers who's only goal was to inundate you with crap.

Anyway, onto business advertising. Yes money needs to be earnt to cover running costs but there are more ways to get this than simply resorting to online adverts. While this option can be beneficial you also need to consider the effect it will have on visitors and how many will actually click for you to generate any revenue. To make any real money, you will need to have advert freaks who visit every link (imo) or, if these people are not there, will have to show even more adverts to get a reasonable return. This can lead to a site being dominated by adverts (as often seen elsewhere).

It bores down to the webmaster themselves as to how effective and invasive he wants these adverts to be. There is a fine line between a site advertising and being welcoming to one that does the oposite.

As also pointed out elsewhere in this thread, adverts are rarely monitored which can lead to a website being deemed insecure and a threat. Next, we move onto general and targeted advertisements where the latter would be deemed as a privacy issue.

Just my thoughts on this.

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RE: Your views on advertising on websites

Post by Myxt » Sun Apr 03, 2011 5:59 pm

If enough people don't want to see ads, someone will write software to block them. The blocking can be enabled or disabled as the user desires. The right of free speech does not automatically grant the right to be heard or to be taken seriously.

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