Don't go to

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Don't go to

Post by Zammy67rocks2 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:57 pm

It is a fake Canadain rouge that shows in the simulation fake malware, and it is crapware.

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Common Scam

Post by Xp54321 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:03 pm

Registry cleaners are probably the number one rogue software download. Most people have no idea what the Windows Registry is (I edit it often, can get rather weird, keep your eyes open); all they know is that if the registry gets messed up; their computer can slow down (In reality a messed up registry is more likely to stop programs from working or crash the PC, though the computer can slow down ;) ). These rogue programs claim to clean up the registry. Quite often they're scams and in the worst cases they bring along a present of malware. :| A healthy amount of cynicism and WOT will keep you safe from these sites. Also, check your cookies in Firefox after visiting these sites and wipe the ones from these sites. They often give you cookies that last for 30 years lol. Tools-->Options-->Privacy-->Show Cookies OR Edit-->Preferences (I use the Vista aero addon theme for Firefox.)

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I use only TuneUp Utilities 2009

Post by Issaland » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:56 am

This software has option to clean and defragment registry.
My computer is really faster with this software. Version 2009 is much better than previous and it's free to try!


Whoa, whoa, whoa . . .

Post by Guest » Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:17 am

Hold on there Isaaland.

This topic of Registry Cleaners keeps coming up - mostly from novices or people promoting scam sites (NO, Issaland, I'm certainly not saying you're promoting a scam site). So, I'll trot out my standard comment on them:

On the topic of Registry Cleaners . . . they are no good, and if you take the advice of most experienced users, you will see the same thing . . . DON'T USE THEM. (Read on for the specifics.)

For novices, and even "intermediate" users, like myself, I would definitely advise against using them.

Here are two links to articles on Registry Cleaners that I'd highly recommend be read by anyone thinking about using one.

An excerpt from that article:

" . . . The problem with most registry repair titles is that they are based on the same open source software script . . . they are being sold by companies that didn't develop them - and therefore have no real understanding of their function or even how they work. The result is that you risk installing an inferior piece of software that can permanently damage your computer"

Another excerpt:

"The issue lies in the explosion of spam-review sites which are nothing more then websites promoting affiliate links under the guise of an official " review " site. Their main goal is to accomplish one thing - to send you to the site they are promoting and hoping you buy the product they are selling - if you do, they get up to a 75% cut of the sale. In other words, their reviews are up for sale - and are not anything but thinly veiled sales pitches. For example, if you do a search for the term " Paid Survey " or " Registry Repair " you'll notice that the paid listings all include sites that say " read our review " or " warning, don't download anything until you read this..."

A lot of newbs get these Registry Cleaning utilities from Google, and these scam ads are notorious there: " Warning, don't download anything until you read this."

The article on this site ( ) is titled "Why I don’t use registry cleaners"

An excerpt:

" . . . what possible performance benefits can you get from “cleaning up” unneeded registry entries and eliminating a few stray DLL files? Even in the best-case scenario the impact should be trivial at best. Maybe a second or two here and there, maybe a few kilobytes of freed-up RAM, and I’m being generous. How can you balance those against the risk that the utility will “clean” (in other words, delete) something you really need, causing a program or feature to fail?"

Another excerpt from the same article:

"The Registry is an enormous database and all this “Cleaning” really doesn’t amount to much…I’ve said this before, but I liken it to “sweeping out one parking space in a parking lot the size of Montana” … a registry “tweak” here and there is desirable or even necessary sometimes, but random “cleaning”, especially for the novice, is inviting disaster."

This last excerpt really drives the point home with the parking lot analogy.

Registry Cleaners, even in the hands of experience users, are dangerous tools and any benefit gained, if any at all in that Montana parking lot, are far outweighed by the risks. I definitely wouldn't let some software from a suspicious and dubious site, no matter how sophisticated the algorithm is, have a free hand in messing with my registry.

Mark Russinovich (Author of "Windows Internals", co-founder of Winternals and Sysinternals, and since both companies were bought by Microsoft, now a senior Microsoft employee) was asked:
"Hi Mark, do you really think that Registry junk left by uninstalled programs could severely slow down the computer? I would like to 'hear' your opinion."

His reply fairly captures my own view:
Mark Russinovich wrote:
"No, even if the registry was massively bloated there would be little impact on the performance of anything other than exhaustive searches (ed. of the registry itself)."

"On Win2K Terminal Server systems, however, there is a limit on the total amount of Registry data that can be loaded and so large profile hives can limit the number of users that can be logged on simultaneously."

"I haven't and never will implement a Registry cleaner since it's of little practical use on anything other than Win2K terminal servers and developing one that's both safe and effective requires a huge amount of application-specific knowledge."

Here is the central argument made by Mr. Russinovich: only if the registry cleaner has a sophisticated database of all application software installation registry changes would it have a chance of being safe to use. There is to my knowledge no such animal out there.

The Microsoft Knowledge Base has a lot of articles on how to repair the damage created by using these utilities.

The Windows registry is a massive database of almost every setting imaginable for every application on your system. It only makes sense that cleaning it out would improve performance, right? Sadly it's just a marketing gimmick designed to sell registry cleaner products, as the reality is quite different... registry cleaners only remove a very small number of unused keys, which won't help performance when you consider the hundreds of thousands of keys in the registry.

Bottom line, the whole registry cleaning lie is based on the false idea that Windows has to search through all those blank entries to find something. That is not the way it works.

Say you go to a restaurant and your table is on the opposite side from the door. It will make absolutely no difference (provided that all are seated and don't stop you to chat) how many of the other tables are filled--the speed that you go to get to your table is the same. The other guests are irrelevant.

If you have a registry problem, a registry editor is the only thing that should be used. You don't use shotguns to kill flies--you might just hit things you don't want to.

(And, NO, Issaland, I'm certainly not calling you a liar. Either you have been lucky, or else you're a very experienced user).

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Post by Athlonite » Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:56 pm

Echo BobJam !

There are a number of Microsoft's MVP that echo the sentiment that BobJam has so
eloquently described for us.
Take Bill Castner from AumHa , . also
Mark Liron from .
And the list goes on. They all do Not recommend using a registry cleaner for the reason's mentioned by BobJam.
I have to say that I too looked at these programs and from what I have seen , you had better be ready for some of your installed programs to exhibit weird behaviors. If you feel very confident in rooting out the reg items found to be of no value to the good of your installation then by all means give it a shot but, be prepared to suffer the consequences. BTW , if you need any information on just about anything Windows
then , I would suggest you visit AumHa at the above address and ask away.


Your help is always needed.


AumHa is a good site . . .

Post by Guest » Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:29 am

Yes, AumHa is VERY good for any kind of info, ESPECIALLY security info.

The moderators there, mostly MVP's, are very skilled.

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Registry cleaners are no longer needed

Post by Garrett » Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:15 am

The size and integrity of the registry was a somewhat genuine concern back in the days of Windows 95, but it's not a problem any more. While the average size of the registry has grown with each new version of Windows, computer processing power and storage capabilities have increased by a far greater magnitude; the performance and stability gains from registry cleaning have become effectively invisible to human observation. If your system has started feeling sluggish it's probably due to running a heap of software in the background and not because of registry bloat.

Those who still want a "clean" registry should look no further than Microsoft's own [url= t=_self]Windows Live OneCare safety scanner[/url]; as well as finding malware and useless temporary files this free tool also incorporates basic registry-cleaning functionality. It doesn't remove nearly as many registry items as other cleaners do, but the the types of items it removes are harmless even if it was mistaken about them; empty file types, for instance, will simply be recreated by any application that needs them without even causing an error message.

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Post by evilfantasy » Fri Jan 09, 2009 3:17 am

The benefits of cleaning a registry are so minimal in increasing performance a human will likely never notice. Even for an extremely cluttered registry. If you are not 120% sure on what's being removed then DON"T even bother.

Also if the computer is running bad a registry cleaner is the LAST thing you want to run.

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Post by Athlonite » Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:09 pm

Hey Garrett !!

I must admit, that I too like this safety scanner from MS and have recommended this site on numerous occasions. BUT, there is one thing you forgot to mention. For those of us who are now in VISTA , this scanner is still in BETA. You will only get a cleaning and a scanning for infected files and not for the registry.Also , MS will download the
"One live safety scanner on your PC. It will not run unless you visit the Beta site . Once on the site , it will update it's definitions and you can choose which type of scan you would like to perform ,Quick or Full.


Your help is always needed.

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So...are there any programs

Post by gospelmixxer » Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:26 am

So...are there any programs out there other than One Care that will do the job?

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