Enumclaw.com: News you can rely on

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Enumclaw.com: News you can rely on

Post by Reprotected » Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:00 am

I came across this website when typing "most reliable news sources" on Google to find this article first page: enumclaw.com/editorial-opinion/2012-most-trustworthy-news-sources/

I have a few queries for it's reliability when reading the article, as well as the other articles in this news website. From what I understand, most of the news sources listed as 'trustworthy' are reputed or seemingly on the front page to be more conservative (NewsBusters, WND, Fox News).

It does not help that in the about page (enumclaw.com/about/) that it reveals to us that they are a Christian news source. That, and the fact that the editors don't seem to follow their guiding principles that support the foundation of this news source. This article (enumclaw.com/news/regional-news/why-is-there-a-7-ton-statue-of-vladimir-lenin-standing-in-washington-state) breaks just about every principle they stand on.

I'm kind of confused if this website is more-or-less The Onion 2.0, or it qualifies as total media bias.

What do you guys think? I understand all websites have their fair share of criticism from media bias so there is no perfect news source, but do you believe in this case it's just blatantly unreliable or too bias?

Also, check therightscoop.com for a similar article (therightscoop.com/did-you-know-theres-a-7-ton-statue-of-vladimir-lenin-standing-in-washington-state), as well as other shameless article names.

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RE: Enumclaw.com: News you can rely on

Post by KoolerTheFirst » Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:54 am

Reprotected, are you basing this just off of the owners views? Or are you basing it off of a few articles that seem copied?

I'm not making any rude assumptions, I'm just wondering.


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