Gmail betrays subscribers’ privacy, gets sued again

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Gmail betrays subscribers’ privacy, gets sued again

Post by NotBuyingIt » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:54 pm

According to [a new lawsuit], Google’s lax policy of granting third parties access to emails stands in stark contrast to promises the company made to “keep privacy and security paramount” for Gmail users.

Had Google informed users that third parties would be given access to their emails, those users would have chosen to use a competing email service or severely restricted their use of Gmail to protect their private information ....
(Source:_hxxps:// google-sued-over-third-party-access-to-emails/)

I am greatly disillusioned after Gmail gave access to pillage my 90+ year old father-in-law’s email contacts soon after the new lawsuit was filed.
Data that is stored in the cloud may become lost in the fog.

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Re: Gmail betrays subscribers’ privacy, gets sued again

Post by Myxt » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:34 am

Not that I am a champion for Google, but details in that article are a bit sparse. One possibility that is unmentioned, or conveniently omitted, is whether users themselves gave permission to the third-party apps (rather than to Google) to scan their inboxes. If so, then the case would hinge on whether Google should block the users' intent, expressed via the apps (none of which was named in the article).

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