How come pishing site like Tims free stuff was green?

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Anony Mouse
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How come pishing site like Tims free stuff was green?

Post by Anony Mouse » Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:40 am is a pishing site which is being pimped by some unscrupulous people who have created a fake Rapidshare log in page to steal the User Name and Password of unsuspecting Premium Account holders who make the mistake of getting suckered in there.

I've already given that site a bad rating. I wish I could rate this as a criminal offender. Anyway, that's what Interpol and the FBI will probably be doing right now since I've also reported this and provided them with the copies of the postings by tits98 and other such fake IDs, who forget they need to leave their e-mail confirmation to join the forum in the first place and their IP Address and location can easily be traced from their e-mail ID.

Depending upon the amount of money they've swindled, they'll be charged with anything from petty larceny to Grand Theft, Swindling and Fraud which means anywhere from one and a half years to 12 years in jail for them; when the FBI or Interpol, whichever is relevant, gets them. And, of course, whatever these fools might think, right now, it's only a matter of time before they are caught. I just hope they aren't from some Islamic Republic because, in case they don't know it, there is no Court there and the punishments aren't exactly merciful, even for cyber crimes.

Another fraud site, though very junior league in comparison, is Megashare which does a soft swindle. Letitibit is also another notorious site.

What we, as a Community need to do is to rate these sites as con jobs and ensure they get marked Red, while also reporting them to the FBI and the Interpol with copies of the postings done, which carry the server stamp and a lot of recoverable information in the background coding that will enable the Authorities to nab these jerks. Then, depending upon the location of the Perpetrator, he or she will get the punishment of the Law of that Land.

Please check out these sites and rate them so that we may make it uncomfortable for these swindlers to stay on the Internet and make this a safe place for all.

Anony Mouse.

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Rate it

Post by Reprotected » Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:58 pm

Why not rate the website yourself or send a message here:
And why not also add a message to the scorecard of that website.

Just MyWOT and SpywareBlaster, I guess...

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I'm Confused...

Post by wehaveitall » Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:01 pm

First of all, if you believe a website is unsafe, it asked you not leave the link to it. Please edit the page and remove the www. part of the web address.


I see no log in section of the website you mentioned. Are you perhaps confusing it with another?

Megashare, the other website you mentioned was a phishing website is a legitimate website, and fairly well known. I think you may be mistaken.

Maybe I'm missing something?

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