– A Ponzi Scam with a high WOT Rating!

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Post by A440 » Sun Sep 12, 2021 3:50 pm

I've noticed this site only because I'm finding more and more scorecard spam on WOT that promotes this site, especially on their WOT scorecard.
It turns out that this company is a fake. Even trustpilot has noticed a surge of fake reviews on their own site page for this fake company and has pop-ups stating this when I reviewed the site through them.

Jocial is a website that claims to be an "influencer" marketing platform where users can earn by posting on social media which most of us know means they farm out reviews for money.
As discussed on
Though it is not clearly mentioned on the website, Jocial is actually a multi-level marketing company (MLM) company. This is because new users cannot join without the referral code of existing members. Further, there is a non-refundable ‘subscription fee’ that needs to be paid in order to join and earn on the platform. Jocial also provides tiered referral commissions to members. This strongly suggests that Jocial might actually be a Ponzi scheme pretending to be a social media advertising platform

Here's one example I've found of that supports the allegation above, from an Instagram account linked to this company:

jocial_shot.jpg is actually a Ponzi organization See:

Oh, but it gets dodgier all the time:
One of the most dodgy aspects about Jocial is that payments and withdrawals can only be made using Bitcoin. Such transactions are practically impossible to trace and are highly unsafe...
A domain name lookup of the website shows that it was registered on 1st May 2008. However, traffic data and snapshots from the Wayback Machine show that it was a parked domain until June 2020. The domain registration was updated on 5th June 2020, therefore, the website is only around 3 months old in reality. There is a phone number given for the domain registration, but no information could be found for it on Trucaller. This suggests that the phone number may be fake.
We can even take a look at the address where this international company is supposed to have its main office and it appears to be bogus as well:
Note the fourth photo in states that the facility there is a "virtual office" as in not physically real.

Jocial’s website is also trying to portray the company as a reputed platform that has been running since 2008. This is clearly a lie.

Even the alleged founder of this Ponzi is bogus:
The website also mentions Jamie March as being the founder of the company. There is no real image of Jamie given. Jnstead, there is just an illustration to represent Jamie. The same illustration has been used for a guest post by Jocial on a blog. However, the author’s name alongside the image is given as Martin Brown. No online profile of Jamie March could be found, which is highly suspicious for an ‘internet entrepreneur’. This begs the question of whether Jamie March is a real person at all.
. . . which is further ridiculous if one considers that if this company had been in business for twelve years, as their site claims, this means that their founder "Jamie" started this when he was 9. Yet another obvious lie.
There is also the issue of the many offices this deluxe Ponzi organization has:
On the FAQ page of the website, Jocial has a question dedicated to clarify that it is ‘legitimate’ and has ‘offices all over the world’. However, not a single office address has been provided on the website. It also automatically rings alarm bells whenever a company goes out of its way to state that it is indeed legitimate. No real company needs to claim such a thing explicitly.
Here is the one galling kicker for me – this clearly fraudulent organization has a high WOT rating!96 – which is higher than most newspaper sites in the United States are rated on WOT, WTF!

I invite any responsible WOT member to review the information for this Ponzi organization and help correct the clearly bogus rating that these chavs have gained on this site:
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Re: – A Ponzi Scheme with a high WOT Rating!

Post by Myxt » Thu Sep 16, 2021 9:52 am

In addition to, here's more of the kingdom

List of domains/hosts
Their own ToS gives up the painful details.

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Re: – A Ponzi Scheme with a high WOT Rating!

Post by A440 » Fri Sep 17, 2021 5:30 pm

Other scam sites hosted at the same IP address

Note: All of these domains, with the exception of
points to

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Re: – A Ponzi Scam with a high WOT Rating!

Post by A440 » Sun Sep 19, 2021 6:41 pm

Additional references:

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