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Post by A440 » Mon Aug 01, 2022 4:47 am

I actually used to use this site for scores but now, I've noticed that it has changed into using the same deceptive devices that other online streaming scam sites use so as to gain access to one's credit card information, while claiming "We will not charge you until the end of the free trial period."

Never, ever give a site one's credit card information for a "free trial".
Musescore offers a "basic" version as well as a "pro" version. The "basic" version is free but the site uses dark patterns in pushing the user to the "free trial", which demands credit card information.
How this scam works is like this:
User searches for a score.
User finds a score on their site and goes there using a search link
User sees score and clicks "download" or "print" button
Site gives the user a choice between signing in, signing up for a PRO subscription or for starting a FREE TRIAL
FREE TRIAL leads to asking the user for credit information for their FREE TRIAL
This is a classical Dark Patterns tactics in conning money out of people and should be avoided.

Feel free to rate this site accordingly:

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