Natural News Network – A Kingdom of Disinformation

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Natural News Network – A Kingdom of Disinformation

Post by A440 » Fri Jan 22, 2021 8:25 am

This site and it's founder – Mike Adams – has made a business from pseudoscience quackery, gossip, conspiracy theory (click-bait) and now political disinformation (more click-bait) and has even engaged in typosquatting so as to brandjack known sites "", "" or "" for example. Adams uses "content farms" located in North Macedonia and the Philippines to create a steady stream of false narrative and disinformation for profit.

Adams has created other sites, such as the notorious, after the Parklawn High School shootings for one purpose and that is to discredit and defame David Hogg. Virtually, every story published is a debunked conspiracy theory related to David Hogg or gun control. Basically Adams will leap upon any negative event as a source of revenue, embellishing it from inside the content farms he employs.

Naturalnews (network)
One of the largest publishers of coronavirus disinformation on Facebook has been banned from the platform for using content farms from North Macedonia and the Philippines, Facebook said on Friday.
The publisher, Natural News, was one of the most prolific pushers of the viral Plandemic conspiracy video, which falsely claimed that the coronavirus is part of an elaborate government plot to control the populace through vaccines, and erroneously claimed that wearing a mask increases the risk of catching the coronavirus.
Facebook said that it had found foreign trolls repeatedly posted content from Natural News, an anti-vaccination news site that frequently posts false coronavirus conspiracy theories about 5G towers and Bill Gates. They also posted content from Natural News' sister websites, NewsTarget and Brighteon, in an effort to artificially inflate their reach.
Natural News is a website owned and operated by Mike Adams, a dietary supplement purveyor who goes by the moniker “The Health Ranger.” Adam's operation is by far the worst spreader of health misinformation online, according to an NBC News analysis.

The McGill University Office for Science and Society describes Mike Adams as being:
Anti-vaccination, HIV-AIDS denier and pro-quackery Mike Adams (AKA The Health Ranger) is the chief engineer of a self-contained world on the Internet. . . Echo chambers for the pseudoscience crowd exist as well, though Mike Adams’ online bubble is so vast and self-sufficient, it warrants the term “ecosystem”. . .
Mike Adams has a search engine. If you’re looking for a replacement to Google that “filters out corporate propaganda and government disinformation”, Adams suggests you use Good Gopher. Searching for “Washington Post”, for example, I was not shown the actual website of the Washington Post; instead, I was sent to TruthWiki, RealInvestigations.News,, and a whole alternate reality in which the newspaper churns out fake news and is beholden to Monsanto.


Adams reach has grown with time until he is currently the most prolific promoter of health and political disinformation:
Avaaz, an activist organization that campaigns against disinformation online, released a study on Friday claiming that Natural News reached new heights after its initial ban last year by creating informal subgroups that spammed the social media network with health disinformation. “Since the (Facebook) takedown has happened, Natural News has reached hundreds of millions of people by utilizing an entire universe of pages that are pushing this disinformation,” said Luca Nicotra, a researcher and senior campaigner at Avaaz.
Newsguard has this to say about the Natural News network: articles have declared the measles outbreak a “false flag” that originated with “infected migrants.” Similarly, Adams’ network has reported that an outbreak in New Hampshire was caused by the vaccine itself a false claim based on state officials having mistaken someone’s reaction to the vaccine as a confirmed measles case, and the network has been relying on an old “Brady Bunch” episode as evidence that a measles infection is “typically very mild, much like getting chickenpox,” overlooking the serious complications such as pneumonia and encephalitis that typically accompany the disease.

For further reading, with examples, you might download a study of the Natural News Network "Anatomy of a Disinformation Empire: Investigating NaturalNews" here:

So extensive is the outright fraud and fiction on the sites listed below that I can only recommend going to and reading what is listed about these sites at

An incomplete listing of sites are as follows:


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