Nirsoft © Useful Files or Threats?

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Nirsoft © Useful Files or Threats?

Post by Meat_Wagon » Thu Jun 03, 2010 2:06 am

Nirsoft (hides its location per CallingID©) so that goes red from get-go, proceeded to URL anyway 2 find mix/match of WOT ratings, yet for 'who-is' & 'trace-route' & domain tools they sure have some accurate & very useful freeware kit. A-Squared AM 5 does not like their servers even on a simple Yahoo/Google search ( is just 1 of many it blocked) and almost melted down with a mouse-over of a few of their DNS resolution gadgets. Is it because inherently they act like harvesters of information as do a lot of virii which do the same for damage? They even have a prog that turns **** into 1234 if U want 2 unlock a pass-word locked bit of software, useful if I 4-get my many passwords & I can see in the wrong hands what a lock-smithing tool that could be. No! I didn't even try that d/l as all hell broke loose on even passive AVG & Avast was growling @ me!
Even got a utility that tells U what wi-fi computers are running in your area, Mac, Win & Linux! Nice to know who is home if I was nosy! Invasion of privacy? Wi-fi isn't really private when it starts transmitting, like a strobe in a dark football field. Luv my cable DSL!
So WOT is some feed-back on nirsoft? Playing with fire, or looks like a lion when it's just a little cute lamb :-) These folks love 'em: and they get WOT green? Please pardon me if this is old rehash. Found a good WOT rating running the URL and not the answers I was looking for in this [only] post: Mon 19 Oct 2009 06:56:47 AM UTC — osfijwoei390WEFw23sf
Sorry 4 the long post, but had 2 input what I found & get feedback if I want to keep running nirsoft anything.



Used it

Post by Guest » Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:50 pm

In the days when I was an unwashed Windows user, I used some Nirsoft package (nircmd.exe I think it was) to to get rid of that bothersome Avira nag screen.

It worked just fine, until Avira came out with a new ad, and then I had to blank out avnotify.exe again.

There was some controversy about whether or not doing this was a violation of Avira's EULA, but an administrator on the Avira forum said it was NOT, though he of course declined telling posters how to get rid of the nag screen.

For me, it was more trouble than it was worth, so I finally put up with the nag screen all the time.

Some view the nag screen as OK, with an opinion that since Avira is free, the bother is balanced by the software being free. And I can see that viewpoint.

In any case, I eventually dumped Avira for Avast, and now that I'm a Linux fanboy, I use the ClamAV that comes with the Ubuntu distro. No big deal.

But in my brief use of the Nirsoft package, I found it satisfactory . . . though I never dug into the Nirsoft web site, so I can't really say it was clean. The package worked and that's all I can say about it.

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