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Please Rate my Website -

Post by solidblogger » Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:32 pm

Hello all,

It really feels bad when someone starts a new topic to review a website that he is not a part of and others start giving -ve remarks even without knowing the actual fact.

It took me years to bring to 10K alexa and have over 55K RSS readers. It's now listed among World's TOP 100 Tech sites, TOP 100 Info-tech sites and TOP 100 gadgets sites by Technorati (link: ).

Now if a site passes warez information or illegal downloads, that would never reach this benchmark. But again it hurts when knowledgeable users here press the red button repeatedly. I am talking about

I had no idea about that topic else I would have given my comments there. Don't know who that OP is and what made others to think that this site is not trustworthy.

Publishing an article on how the hackers cracked to activate Windows 7 copy is NOT illegal by any means. I never encouraged my readers to follow the steps. However, I have just re-modified the article so that it would look clean to eyes (it's very clean in core by the way).

And one last thing, did you guys only see that 1 post and passed a huge number of negative remarks? Is that how you judge websites? Could not you notice other 9000+ helpful articles that help our readers in day to day life?

Anyways, I am requesting the members to please review the website again and rate the site again. I would appreciate your comments.

WOT Scorecard Link:


P.S: I found WOT a lovely space to interact with internet savvy people though.

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RE: Please Rate my Website -

Post by charrox » Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:49 am

Check this article in your website.

And then this article. Read carefully.

It mentions;

The loophole allows volume edition of Office to become hotbed for no-activation required pirated copy of Office software, with just any leaked volume license product key

So how do you claim that you are not promoting piracy? It seems a blatant effort to promote piracy.

Piracy is a huge crime. So do the ones who promote them. So I rate your website red.

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