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RE: Please rate this site down

Post by Guest » Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:19 am

<quote user="armored">My opinion of it being a piece of crap was based on the security issues the site has, not the content.[/quote]
Glad you cleared that up and agreed, it is unacceptable.
<quote user="armored">If current regular visitors would disagree with that,[/quote]
No they would not, now that you have stipulated why, although your earlier post gave the impression crap referred to te site and content.

Nuff said.

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RE: Please rate this site down

Post by Trawlz » Thu May 15, 2014 5:36 pm

When you join a social networking website there will ALWAYS be some sort of threat. Don't blame the website for the rapes/murders that occurred. They have nothing to do with what happened. Blame the people that committed the crime. Most of the regular users of the website, those who use the site to it's full potential, are decent people and have given sympathy or prayer to the families of those victims and victims of other tragic mishaps (bullying, school shootings, hurricane victims)

There is a forum that offers advice, be it professional or amateur, to those who need want to reach out and vent as well as those who wish to discuss such issues in the world today. Harassment, in accordance to it's full legal definition and state laws, will NOT be tolerated what-so-ever. IPs are recorded and users are monitored (Paedophiles, Trolls, Spammers).

There is adult content on the website and full nudity is not allowed. If you're concerned about your child using the site than take them off of it. To be perfectly honest, your son or daughter shouldn't be taking and sharing the pictures he/she is sharing either. You might not like it, but they are putting themselves in the situation of being raped, murdered, or exploited by doing so.

"My child would NEVER..." "I raised my..." think again Mom/Dad. Take a better look at how society (community, school, friends) has an effect on children today. The problems with the youth of today start with your poor parenting skills.

The bands that are on that site joined because the website appreciates and supports their music. They are quite aware their music is being sold through that website and their store which closed due to the economy... but will make a comeback!

I will agree that I have read about users being scammed on the website and the staff playing it off like it didn't happen. I have never bought anything from the site besides a membership for two years and a street team pack, all of which I paid for in cash.

I will agree that there is favouritism among the staff which I do think is unprofessional.

This site has NOTHING to do with Vampires. Read the 'About' section and you might learn something. It was just a name and drawing that was thought up in his early teen years. Those who claim to be vampires have been deleted from the site in the past.

I've been on that website for nine years and a part of social networking websites in general for at least 11. I've been using the internet since I was, at the very least, 9 years old. One thing you come to learn is that the internet isn't always a good place, but good people still exist and you should determine that by how well you can really trust someone. Monitor and talk your children/teenagers on a parenting and friend level... PLEASE! And don't make credit transactions without a guarantee.

OH. And never judge a book by it's cover.


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