Please review my sites and

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I was under the impression

Post by dan2k9 » Thu May 27, 2010 7:13 pm

I was under the impression only Organizations could register Not sole traders......

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re: dot org dot uk

Post by c۞g » Thu May 27, 2010 7:17 pm

where do you see ?
And what does that have to do with this topic?

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I dont know, seems a little

Post by Markla709 » Thu May 27, 2010 7:26 pm

I dont know, seems a little fishy, just let it happen naturally.

Use WOT to see what sites are safe!

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Re: Easyhost Media Group

Post by Jazspeak » Thu May 27, 2010 8:13 pm

Since the OP has been silent about some of the issues, including hiding Whois info, I thought that I would have a peek at the Nominet registration. For those who are unaware, all domains must be registered with Nominet.

This is what I found:

Domain name:

Terry Robertson

Registrant type:
UK Sole Trader

Registrant's address:
57 Sycamore Street
NE63 0BE
United Kingdom

Webfusion Ltd t/a [Tag = 123-REG]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 22-Sep-2009
Renewal date: 22-Sep-2011
Last updated: 11-Feb-2010

Registration status:
Registered until renewal date.

Name servers:

If the OP comes back and answers the questions posed in this thread then I will consider rating the site.

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10 years

Post by c۞g » Fri May 28, 2010 12:32 am

[url= t=_self]posted[/url]
i have been in the hosting business for the last 10 years and have never hidden anything from anyone.

Oldest domain is:
created: 27 November 2006
That's about 3-1/2 years in my calculator.

All the rest were sometime in 2009

another one, registered on: 09-May-2010

Twitter account: - [url= t=_self]scorecard[/url]

@ easthostmediagroup
I see you're back as [url= t=_self]vip-legals[/url]

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administrative delete?

Post by c۞g » Fri May 28, 2010 2:01 am

Google's cache can be handy.

easthostmediagroup seems to think that is affiliated with because I use robtex while investigating and reviewing websites. That's about as absurd as thinking because I use for whois checks that they too must be "affiliated" with


This person is an [url= t=_self]ignoramus[/url] concerning either WOT or Robtex...
A bit off topic, but a responsible webhost would not reveal live help chat sessions on a public viewable forum, especially offering email address and names of other people - for whatever reason: [url= t=_self]example[/url] A flame between to "hosts" Neither of whom I would trust with my business; both acting like children. My point about that thread is that easthostmediagroup (or whatever screen names he uses) posts personally identifiable information about individuals on public forums - which IS against [url= t=_self]UK's privacy policy[/url]

This "host" should be shut down, IMO and having the gall to state a domain name or an IP number - the hierarchical structure of the Internet - is "posting business details without his permission" - give me a break! His business exists on the Net and no one needs his "permission" to display a domain name, an IP address, nameservers, of the domains he hosts. He threatens by referring to UK's [url= t=_self]The Office of Fair Trading[/url] I wonder how they would feel about his disregard to people's PII, and in having businesses registered as non-trading individuals?

back on topic:
I discovered an interesting forum post on through Google's [url= t=_self]cache[/url] - a moderator may have deleted or moved this topic...
Since it might disappear, I took the liberty of snagging a screen capture.

[url= t=_blank][img][/img][/url]

I discovered another domain I added to my list "above"

new screen capture with thumb, when clicked will open new tab/window for full size.
also, changed the cache URL to one with two additional replies.
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Re: back as vip-legals

Post by Jazspeak » Fri May 28, 2010 2:14 am

It looks as though the name, easthostmediagroup, was a typo and was meant to be easyhostmediagroup (t and y are next to each other on a QWERTY keyboard).

It is also interesting (in a boring sort of way) that the site owner is registered as a sole trader but uses the term 'group' in the domain name. Could he be suffering from multiple personalities?

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robtex censoring domains policy

Post by robtex » Fri May 28, 2010 1:50 pm

Without discussing this specific case I think a clarification of our normal policy would be in order.

We very seldom censor domains, and generally do not do it on request.
On some occasions when we are threatened by someone finding some regulation that has nothing to do with anything, and we have something much better to do than spending time with lawyers, we do comply.

We do not mention anything about censorship in our FAQ because most people understand that the information we provide is fully publicly available and not illegal to display, and we do not want any extra work with people who do not understand this by even mentioning we have possibility to censor domains on our side, so that people have to use other tools to find the same information.

On those rare occasions (like once a year) that we do censor a domain we check that it is the rightful owner either by checking whois, SOA, or otherwise.

We also do lift the censorship immediately if asked. Again only if the rightful owner is asking.

I hope this helps in other cases and please do not refer to this statement more than necessarily because then every spammer, bank and similar will try to find some regulation in their country and waste space in my mailbox and my time. We try to keep a balance between providing all publicly available information, but not waste any more time than necessary. If you do bump into a site where the information is censored on the site, I guess there is no law against me gladly answering requests for publicly available details about a domain or IP number.

And no, we do think WOT is a very good source but we are not affiliated with WOT in any way. Nor with Google, Alexa, or anyone else we get information from.

Best Regards
Robert Olsson
[url= t=_self][/url]

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Post by Gixen » Fri May 28, 2010 2:44 pm

I don't know who made a mistake (who are you g7w?), and how came into this mix, but as I have been warned by customers about these posts, so I will clarify:

1) My name is Mario Vodopivec, and is my site. It's not associated with any other sites listed above. More than 140,000 users used so far, with no issues, no security breach, or any similar problem.

2) Gixen's whois information is not hidden. In fact, I think I am a rare person who stands behind his website with a full name. Gixen's web servers are running on dedicated servers that do not share IPs with any of the sites listed above.

3) I do not sell any user information, nor spam my users, ever.

I would appreciate some response from g7w - the posts you made are damaging to my site's and my reputation, and a correction of your claims is really needed here.

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My guess is because on

Post by dan2k9 » Fri May 28, 2010 2:50 pm

My guess is because on main site there is a link saying ebay sniper, Which points to

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