Political Disinformation Sites – Lies Are A Means to Power

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Political Disinformation Sites – Lies Are A Means to Power

Post by A440 » Tue May 18, 2021 8:21 am

The use of disinformation in America, as a political weapon, has been used for some time now, such as during the Swift boat scandal (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swift_Vets_and_POWs_for_Truth). Normally, American society’s information intermediaries – primarily Major news media outlets and social media platforms – are one of the first lines of defense in promoting factual articles and debunking disinformation,

However . . .

As of the advent of the Trump campaign and administration, disinformation has been a major tool in campaigning and making a weapon out of rumour, lies and editorial bias — cloaked under the mantle of being the "real news" which is not disclosed by major news and media outlets. As demonstrated in this Harvard study, disinformation is increasingly being used by certain political leaders as a calculated strategy to shape public narratives and to manipulate opinion. During the Trump administration, the myth of mail-in voting fraud was disseminated from the top down, starting with President Trump and GOP leaders and trickling through established media outlets
See: https://cyber.harvard.edu/publication/2020/Mail-in-Voter-Fraud-Disinformation-2020

The Harvard study’s analysis of media stories and social media posts on mail-in voting revealed that “Fox News and Donald Trump’s own campaign were far more influential in spreading false beliefs than Russian trolls or Facebook clickbait artists.” These efforts were among a wave of disinformation pushed by legitimate political actors during this election, from fake ballot drop boxes to false reports of ballot tampering and now false reports of voting machines being hacked or rigged.

Currently, one example of just how disinformation is currently used and spread can be demonstrated in the reporting through various non-standard websites, regarding a lawsuit in Antrim County in Michagan:
(a lawsuit filed by) Antrim County resident Bill Bailey is about the results of a marijuana-related ballot initiative in the village of Central Lake, 9 & 10 News reports.
Bailey claims he has the standing for the lawsuit because three ballots were spoiled during a recount for the initiative, though he does not actually live in Central Lake. Bailey is asking a judge to allow him to conduct his own audit of all the 2020 election results, baselessly alleging that software developed by Dominion Voting Systems used in the election was intentionally programmed to falsify results.
Despite the fact that the The Antrim County election results were already audited nearly five months ago, Bailey has continued to press his lawsuit. His attorney Matthew DePerno, who has embraced Trump's support for the legal efforts on social media, issued subpoenas to various Antrim County lawsuits (see: https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-cheerleading-election-lawsuit-in-michigan-county-he-won-2021-5?op=1)
. . . Bailey is also trying to expand the scope of the lawsuit by adding state and local election officials as defendants. In a hearing Money attended by 9 & 10 News, he claimed that expanding the lawsuit and having the judge overseeing the case, 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer, enforce the subpoenas would allow him to prove the existence of widespread fraud. There is no evidence of widespread fraud. . . DePerno is also seeking a subpoena for Dominion. The election technology company has been the subject of a number of conspiracy theories falsely alleging it used its devices and software to "flip" results from Trump to Biden. The December audit found that Dominion's technology accurately tabulated the county's votes and played no role in the initially erroneous tabulation.
It should be noted that even Fox News and the right-wing blog americanthinker.com were sued by Dominion and had to issue apologies and disclaimers since their allegations were false.

During several weeks in April and May, false claims have been promoted by blogs and self-proclaimed news sites, piling on reports that promoted innuendo, and unsubstantiated claims:
BREAKING: Michigan lawsuit claims to have ‘cracked’ Dominion election code

Antrim County Plaintiffs Introduce New Evidence in 2020 Election Case — Experts Were Able to Compromise Data on Data and Flip Votes

Attorney Matthew DePerno Demolishes Defense in Call for Antrim County Election Audit

Shocking Report: New Evidence in 2020 Election Fraud Case…

Michigan Election Fraud Is Clear: Filed Court Documents Expose Changed Votes

Article: Matthew DePerno files a lawsuit, challenging voter fraud in 2020 elections
Election 2020, Election Fraud


LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: Attorney Matthew DePerno Court Hearing in Antrim County — Will Request Expanding Ongoing Audit and Investigation
(Note: this article is careful in avoiding declaring Dominion to have rigged voting machines but, instead, obliquely implies that this is the case by repeating the unproven allegations of Matthew DePerno)

Now a *2ND* Forensic Audit is Being Requested, As Fate of Election Lawsuit in Michigan Hangs in Balance

Attorney Matt DePerno Drops New Bombshell Claims In Antrim Co Case…Evidence Will Prove MI Sec of State and MI AG “are wrong in false assertion that this was the safest election in history”

Mich. lawsuit shows evidence of election fraud, electronic vote tampering

Mich. attorney DePerno says Democrats are threatening, obstructing election fraud lawsuit


Antrim County Lawsuit Expert: Votes Can Be Flipped
(site links to self, DePerno, Rumble.com, OANN, twitter tweets,

Mich. Lawsuit Reveals Proof Of Election Fraud, Digital Vote Tampering
(Note: this article linked to a OANN article which has since been removed due to legal concerns)

Just In: Antrim County Election Fraud Case Reinstated By Judge After County Clerk, Material Witness Tried To Have It Dismissed

Attorney Matt DePerno Drops New Bombshell Claims In Antrim Co Case…Evidence Will Prove MI Sec of State and MI AG “are wrong in false assertion that this was the safest election in history”
(Note: this is a newsy Wordpress blog and not a registered news organization)

BREAKING: Now a *2ND* Forensic Audit is Being Requested, As Fate of Election Lawsuit in Michigan Hangs in Balance
(Note: this is a pseudoscience site: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/stillness-in-the-storm/)

Now a *2ND* Forensic Audit is Being Requested, As Fate of Election Lawsuit in Michigan Hangs in Balance
(Note: this site belongs to Kyle Becker, who is a noted right-wing writer, formerly of Fox's Hannity, Independent Journal Review and former Chief Editor of Bizpac Review.)
- - - - - - - -
The false allegations that Dominion's voting machines were subject to manipulation has been debunked as being unproven or false:




Thus we have just a partial list of sites which mimic legitimate major news outlets by releasing newsy looking articles, which report on what claims a lawyer promotes, without valid proofs or the fact-checking we would expect from major news outlets, still, these rumours and allegations are promoted as being fact, in the short term, even though they will eventually be debunked by a court, a judge and other fact-checking organizations.

The goal of these sites is to promote clicks, disinformation and distrust which can be used politically for unduely influencing voting laws that can profit one party over another.
This is a deliberate scam, thus these sites are promoting scams.

Here is a list of these scam sites which I encourage members of WOT to rate accordingly:


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