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Post by woova » Fri May 09, 2008 4:33 am

Why has this this FUD been posted here?

SecureZip is the tradmarked, commercial product of PKWare (
30 day free evaluation; $29.95 license registration

Sadly, no, Mr. Katz isn't "making millions..."
Mr. Katz died in 2000.

"Seattle John", why would you believe the authentic product is available for FREE from that "OMG unpublicized" URL? As likely as not, any CHUMP who falls for this "hype" and downloads/installs that *exe ...winds up with a bundled trojan or rootkit as a free "bonus".

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apologetic postscript -- mending fences

Post by woova » Fri May 09, 2008 5:08 am

John graciously accepted the apology ~~ and I do think he would have recognized that as joking literary hyperbole even if it hadn't been typed in all caps.

Ben, I respect your passion toward fostering growth of the WOT community. Although it may not assauge your moralistic indignation at this point, I've edited the earlier post to remove my all-caps "yelling words". Now, If you, or the "many of us" you've mentioned, still want to chime in and poke me with a sharp stick... that's okay too. After venting, hopefully you too will edit your post to self-moderate its content (otherwise future visitors will hear how horrible I am, and I'll never be able to get a date to the prom!) Then let's shake paws and move forward.

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Post by wehaveitall » Fri May 09, 2008 2:27 pm

That was completely insensitive of you to say anything to the extent of "Do us all a favor..go take your meds and lay down..." -
Just for something that was a mistake ON YOUR PART is NOTHING that should cause you to say anything to the extent of take your meds and lay down. If anyone needs help of any kind, it's you needing anger management classes.
Its because of people like you that I didn't want wot to be so persistent on getting more and more people to join wot.
I'm absolutely appalled at that. and how you continually to disagree with people's ideas. I know you apologized for getting mad because you thought it was a trojan, rootkit, or scam, but even if you were mad, saying anything like that is horrible, and unnecessary.
Plus, your title wtf, was completely uncalled for as well.
And sadly, YOU'RE not the only one who's changing the original nature of the wot community.

Several months ago however is when this started:

Soon after that, this came along:
Take a look at cpedly's post. He made many more posts as well simply critisizing wot and the community. Guess what happened? HE WAS BANNED.

The Next one is most recent besides this one, however I'm skeptical about the accuracy of it. Take a look at this forum post:
Sami wrote: Note: Watch the Language.

Although I didn't see what he originally wrote, obviously something very bad was said, as i have never seen Sami have to edit a post.
This is why I had originally suggested in several forum posts (see links at bottom) that wot not be added to internet explorer, and not be focused so much on getting more people. Although I didn't mention specifically the possibility of too many people causing problems with the forum, I said several times not to expand wot too much. For example, almost 90 days ago I said,

"Wot isn't for everyone. Internet explorer has many more people then firefox. If the wot community becomes too big, ratings may become more and more inaccurate. There are only so many people who care about security, and migrating to internet explorer lessens the chances of those few people using wot."

In another post I said,

"Wot is a small community, being only on firefox, which is exactly what makes it so good. IF too many people use it, the ratings may become inaccurate, and could cause some things to go wrong."
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I think the Wot team needs to consider cutting down on the contests and trying to get people to tell everyone they know about wot, and also mention somewhere not to offend people in the forums.
Also woova, I do NOT want you to reply to this only to say that my idea of not focusing on merely increasing the size of the community isn't a good one, that what you did is okay, or that I "need to lie down and take my meds." If you do reply, it better be an apology.
If you don't stop with your mean comments, you'll be banned just like cpedly. What you have done makes me; and I'm sure many of us, want to say much worse to you than take your meds and lay down, but we UNLIKE YOU CAN CONTROL WHAT WE SAY.

It may not seem like it's THAT BAD for you to say it once and apologize, but not only will you probably do it again, it will get worse, and other people will do it too.

The Main times that I mentioned wot shouldn't try and expand too much was when they announced they were releasing it for internet explorer, allowing MANY more users to use it.
Here are two posts I posted a while ago containing the quotes I mentioned above:


Edit: That was the most angry post I've ever posted :D (and you don't see me saying "Do us all a favor, take your meds and lay down!") -Ben

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