Undeserved bad reputation for Constant Contact?

Jared Gray
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I rated his websites...

Сообщение Jared Gray » Пн фев 18, 2008 10:10 pm

People still still receive alot of spam from constant contact... They have multiple domains... All with alot of low ratings...

Not the best looking designs out there.... Its so oldschool, adblockers don't even get rid of those banners... SchoolGenius I saw a link to trial software?? (Could this be spyware?)

Overall most of those sites get yellow > green overall and a light red(schoolgenius) for privacy here and there..Good child ratings..

Poor design affected my ratings the most..

- Banners
- Links
- Spyware?
- Did I see frames?

Mostly my issues with the sites..

Jared Gray


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