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Heard another "Double my speed" commercial on the radio today, decided to look up this old thread.

Here's a few more domains - not sure how it got missed. ;-)



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@ g7w,

The TV is full of them these days. So much so that I'm tempted to say that any commercial you see on TV for "speeding up your PC" is a scam. I've never seen one advertised that is legit.

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Thanks although shouldn't

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Thanks although shouldn't they be listed in Red? I checked the whois on and which both are registered to Cyberdefender Corporation

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I have took time to retest

Post by giedrius » Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:50 pm

I have took time to retest cyberDefender today. Some problems it detected (including missing handlers for file extensions, related to standart microsoft games on Windows 7 ) looked strange. some of the detected stuff was common one ( empty registry keys,etc) However, the program installed/uninstalled without any problems. Can't say that their intentions are malicious, but have no wish to test their repair capabilities outside testbed.
The claim that they will speed PC (at least a lot) is not true, and can not be true in all cases.

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re: More...

Post by c۞g » Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:08 am

Not affiliated - should NOT be rated since it is NOT a CyberDefender Corp. domain - [url= t=_self]whois[/url] | [url= t=_self][/url] - [url= t=_self]whois[/url]

Neither of these load and whois is privacy protected, not verifiable as being CyberDefender Corp
so they should be rated on their own merit and not referenced in this discussion. - [url= t=_self]whois[/url] - [url= t=_self]whois[/url]

previously posted in this thread:

"new" / confirmed:

List of domains/hosts

Main corporate site (currently green): - [url= t=_self]scorecard[/url]


Thanks g7w, I have removed

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Thanks g7w, I have removed my rating and comments wrongle placed against those that were not affilliated with Cyberdefender.

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Rated as many as I could

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Microsoft Works

Post by rpm022778 » Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:34 pm

OK if u want a good site to clean your PC why does E1 forget Windows. I use Microsoft security essentials as my virus protection which has worked for me better than AVG or NOrton or any others I have tried. My friends have had Norton and it never protected them from intruders but I installed MSE and they have stayed clean ever since. Spyware protection I use Spybot S&D works great with all kinds of options to help keep your PC Clean. If you want a decient online cleaner why not try windows live one care security scanner at this site ( it helps clean out anything else that might have escaped any of my other cleaners. Also for file & registry cleaners I use Wise disk cleaner & wise registry cleaner which work wonders & you can defrag & clean your regixtry as well as optimize your PC with wise disk cleaner all these programs have helped keep my computer clean & safe from any threats better than anything else I have used just a suggestion might work for anyone else like it has with me.


The thread is about

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The thread is about Cyberdefender and sites associated with, or hosting this rogue AV. Thanks for your input all the same :)

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