WOT and Google Penalties

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WOT and Google Penalties

Post by Dalidali3 » Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:45 pm

I submitted my Halloween site for ratings to WOT not long ago. Because I refused the requirement from one of their members to move the site on an SSL server I was victim of harrassement, treats and got a very bad rating. He rated the site as harmful.

The site isn't harmful at all, there are no transactions done on it either, so the SSL certificate was not indispensable, and the site is just an info/affiliate one. I know that with Google giving favor to SSL sites nowadays...

Strangely, the site received a manual penalty on Google two/three days after the problem with the WOT member. It is now entirely deindexed!

I asked Google for a review but know for a fact that they rarely reinstate deindexed sites.

Strangely, all my other sites, built on the very same pattern weren't flagged or penalized or deindexed. Actually I didn't ask for any kind of rating on Wot for those sites since the problem with the individual that seems to be dealing with personality troubles.

It looks to me that the penalty could come from this specific individual or more... who knows? But given that other sites weren't hit, I don't know why Google would penalize one and not all of them built on the exact same pattern and shared on the same host.

So I would say that I strongly advise anyone keeping off of Wot and some of its members. Since I submitted my site for review, I went from one problem to another.

I'm going to post about this on my marketing blog as well. I'm not on a vengence, I only care for my online business that was ruined.

It might not be that member responsible for the deindexation of my site, but it strangely occured two/three days after our discussion and the fact that I strongly refused to abide by his will.

From his profile, not a single site gets a fair rating, all ratings are negative, even worse from one to another.

I'm now going to buy a new domain name, register to a new webhost and start from scratch right on time for Halloween season. After all, this troubled personality might have helped me more than he thinks... My new site is going to be as clean as a newborn.

I thought I would join a community that would be helpful, in reality I joined a gang of people who think they are the Internet police and don't allow anybody but them to exist.

I will delete my account here, already removed the wot files from my sites and wish everybody here good luck. As for me, I rather keep off...

The most harmful site on the Internet is, in my opinion, WOT because it is not monitored in the way it should be and some members seem to be granted every right to ruin others' business.

Good bye.


RE: WOT and Google Penalties

Post by Guest » Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:45 pm

Приветствую Всех и автора в том числе. Друзья мне одному показалась или нет , что это реально крик души автора. По ее ветки на форуме я понял что у автора проблема с ssl - сертификатом может быть я что то и пропустил или не до понял из - за корявого перевода. Нужен он сайту автора или нет вопрос не однозначный. Сайт автора сделан довольна не плохо. Ну я не хочу тут обсуждать сайт автора для этого есть тема в ветки "переоценка сайта" . Дайте не будем проходить мимо и поможем автору добиться желаемой оценки в рейтинге WOT. Пишу это потому что я тут сам новый пользователь и именно советы Сообщества WOT помогли мне получить желаемый зеленый кружек.

P/s Автор не надо так рано опускать руки , боритесь за свой сайт. Это ваш проект вы в него вложили время и силы. Боритесь за ваш сайт. Создать новый это конечно проще , но с трудностями надо бороться а не складывать руки перед ними! Без труда не вытащишь и рыбку из пруда. Да и ситуация ваша не такая уж и безнадежная!

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RE: WOT and Google Penalties

Post by evilfantasy » Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:25 pm

Google has began a war on domain hosts by testing a Google domain names service. Basically, website owners will adapt to Googles security guidelines or pay the price by losing SEO rankings.


RE: WOT and Google Penalties

Post by Guest » Tue Aug 12, 2014 10:48 am

I think it is a coincidence, because an update by google has begun recently:


I don't know how WOT can be responsible for those troubles.

However, I saw that you also have problems with siteadvisor:

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