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Site URL: http://dciclas.com
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Dciclas is an online Bike Marketplace in Colombia. The Marketplace offers a way for existing Brik and Mortar stores to sell online. Users come to the site to search for ALL type of bike related products new and second hand. The stores that join the Marketplace are verified via physical visit and a verification of all documentation, these stores sell online and answer users questions directly via the Marketplace. Other Private users can sell their second hand Bike related goods by joining the Marketplace and posting a product Ad. These Private sellers are not allowed to sell online, but their Ad allows for communicating with interested buyers.

Dciclas has been online since 2015, and we are now seeking to generate more trust to interested buyers. The marketplace is stablished as an incorporated company in Colombia and has 4 employees dedicated to the operation and follow up. We verify every transaction and assist the stores and users in every purchase.

We have recently made some modifications to our site to make it more secure, including adding an SSL certificate and using https. We apreciate any feedback.

Has privacy policy?

Has a way for users to contact site owners?

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Dciclas.com - The Bike Marketplace
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