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Introduction - We are a gaming reviews, answer & walkthrough website. We receive about 30,000 pageviews per day and we are trying to expand and improve our SEO, I believe that WOT is really important to build trust online and we want to be part of this ecosystem to improve the quality of content on the net.

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Ownership verification - We run an HTTPS Secure website and we are in contact with WOT to verify our ownership of the site.
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Re: Game Help Guru

Post by A440 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:29 am

Hello and welcome to WOT.

FIrst, your site has some potential security issues regarding possibly obsolete software:
Apache under 2.4.42
PHP under 7.2.31

I realize that some service providers are running out of date MySQL and have issues with hosting the latest PHP build, thus you likely need to have a conversation with your hosting service, unless you are using Hostgator, which means you are very unfortunate.

Also Directory Listing is enabled on your site. This can lead to information leakage. I recommend disabling Directory Listing.

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