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Leadpages is a lead generation and conversion rate optimization platform. Over 40,000 businesses use our platform to build landing pages, opt-in forms, and other lead generation tools.

We allow our customers to host their landing pages on our platform, and in that manner we are a hosting company.

We would like to be on your 2tld list.

We have thousands of customers each with their own subdomain (i.e. customer.leadpages.net) so we want to ensure that a very small number of spammy subdomains won’t affect the top level domain (leadpages.net, www.leadpages.net) or other subdomains’ ratings (i.e. honestcompany.leadpages.net).

We are completely fine with you penalizing a spammy subdomain (i.e. StupidSpammer.leadpages.net ) and letting us know so we can shut these accounts down. In fact, we WANT WOT ratings on our sub-domains so we can get visibility on who the offenders are; we want to shut them down.

BUT we would greatly appreciate if you wouldn’t have those penalties/ratings affect our other customers and our top level domain (leadpages.net).

In the same manner that WordPress.com and BlogSpot.com have excellent ratings but SomeSpammer.WordPress.com WOULD have a bad rating . . . we would also request that ratings of our sub-domains not affect the root domain or other customers’ sub-domains.

In closing, we are requesting three things . . .

First, as a hosting company, we request that penalties be applied at the sub-domain level so that bad ratings for spammer.leadpages.net doesn’t affect HonestCustomer.leadpages.net

Second, we are asking for the same consideration as WordPress.com or BlogSpot.com (i.e. to be on your 2tld list) so that abusers of our hosting service do not affect our own domain. That is, in the same manner that spammer.WordPress.com doesn’t bring down WordPress.com or other subdomains, we’d also ask that spammer.LeadPages.net not affect our top level domain or other honest sub-domains.

Third, we are requesting that the WOT community work with us by reporting abuses to abuse@leadpages.net so we can shut down offenders.

Has privacy policy?

Has a way for users to contact site owners?

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