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at the bottom of you see "Copyright © 2011, Inc" is a data-mined people search engine and they do not offer an easy way to exclude yourself. If you want to TRY to remove yourself you will have to contact them and give them even more personal information. That is not a good idea!



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In reference to the request to re evaluate this site =
I have not found any reason to change my rating and comment

Stay away !
from this site -

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You have many places to go to to bargain for a better rating.

just to name a few. After you have convince every person who submitted a complaint, you may have many more to contact. Remember, don't lose any sleep.

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On 1-7-2012 the site asked me to:
The following site owners have requested for their site's reputation to be re-evaluated. Please read their requests on the forum and see if your ratings and comments are still relevant.

Read the request here:

I don't see any reason to change my initial review, if you Scam/Spam then, what has changed?



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They will continue to request a new evaluation. I have noticed that some of the smaller sites I rated around the same time as their website, have had their ratings dropped. I guess they have went to my profile and are "trying to stick it to me".

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No thanks, I'll stand by my rating.

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<quote user="treston">
This is just another data-mining company collecting people's information. On a Firefox browser you cannot even view search results without signing up. After registering with a 10minute e-mail account, I cannot tell if it is even possible to remove your personal information if they have it in their database.

Every page wants more information or money. I would highly recommend any rookie computer users to stay as far away from this website as possible. I have seen their TV commercials, their clever gimmick is "find who is searching for you", so Grandma Susie goes there and enters her information and now they database that information, and then throw 20 popups at her and emails wanting money to go further.

[/quote]One of the reasons I rated them red and I receive so much spam about this site and I never opted into their services. The site needs to be sand boxed by Google!

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Consistent spam when I never opted into the service in the first place. The site is a scam and offers nothing free as it says. I stand by my rating and please don't send me another reconsider message!

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Get live updates for over 700 million profiles across
all social networks, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

including = not limited to.
Makes one wonder about the breach of privacy between "social network" sites and the incorporation of data, including personal data "shared" within this service via those sites.
resides on IP: PTR:

Code: Select all
redirects to:

Code: Select all
redirects to: |

MX servers for:

Domains sharing mail servers
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; aka: ( | |

Many domains listed above redirect to:
There are many more ...
Why list these domains, what do they have to do with the OP:
They are the same corporate entity and they share information about an individual between themselves and their third-party interests, which is how a site generates revenue for it's "free services."
Not to mention it's easier to use a domain that redirects to another rather than using a short URL service - better tracking.

In Europe, the equivalent is the StayFriends network; ex:,,, etc., etc.
This is global and it's big money, for example: trading (NASDAQ) as: [url= t=_self]UNTD[/url]
Just look at the footer links on:

About the BBB - [url= t=_self]MyLife[/url]
Awhile back the BBB was investigated for favoring businesses which were "accredited" (paid subscribers) over those who are not. Before this investigation, the "complaints" section used to list *all* complaints the BBB received: open / closed (closed by business, closed by BBB / closed from lack of "follow-up"). After the allegations of "pay for grade" the BBB changed it's entire site and layout, now all we see are complaints closed with BBB which makes me wonder how many complaints are open which have not been "resolved" [yet]. Also understand not everyone who has issues with an online business ever files a formal complaint to the BBB = it's a small fraction of people who take the time to do so, so the "result of resolved complaints" the BBB is showing is a very small number of actual complaints against a business. Those business who do not pay for BBB Accreditation and receive 1 complaint earn a rating of F - makes one wonder about the viability of the BBB

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Here are a few more. Note that NOT all TLDs (.biz, .com, .info, .net, .org, .us, etc) of a given domain belong to mylife et al; so if you are tempted to fill in any you think I've missed, first check the whois and/or view the site.

List of domains/hosts

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