Please Evaluate My Site

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Please Evaluate My Site

Post by ibpurpledragon » Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:42 pm

Site URL:
Scorecard: ... g-security

I am mystified as to why my site is rated as unsafe. It is a site listing books that address childhood issues and some books that are just for fun. Can someone please tell me why it is regarded as unsafe? I think I have included all the information I found on your FAQ. I did try and add your code to Wix but it did not seem to want to allow it to verify. Any help here would be appreciated.

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at the bottom of the home page.
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Re: Please Evaluate My Site

Post by Myxt » Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:15 am

I doubt there is any way to put this so you will like it ...

The names of the elements in the fields of your web address
https :// wbentrim . wixsite . com / william-g-bentrim
protocol :// subdomain . rootDomain . topLevelDomain / subdirectory
Except for Twitter accounts, WoT scorecards are not intended for subdirectories and we don't rate them.

Clearly, your "site" (no, your content) exists in your subdirectory, not in your subdomain (sans subdirectory) for which WIX returns 404 (Not Found). Nevertheless, you rated your subdomain (not your subdirectory). That's an error because your subdomain does not offer "Books for Children, services for authors", or anything other than WIX's 404 page. I recommend that you delete your rating and comment because some short-sighted people might consider them unethical.

WIX is one of the rare shared hosting cases in which we will evaluate subdomains; however WIX by nature is problematic. (Here I will skip over the facts that (1) a "site" is really just a database entry instead of real pages, and (2) WIX pretends that a visitor is using an obsolete browser if JavaScript is disabled.) The problem that directly affects you is that WIX offers free web "sites", which appeals to shady characters with hair-brained schemes who get bad ratings when discovered. The result is that numerous subdomains, and WIX itself, have garnered bad ratings. In the WoT system, the ratings of subdomains affect the trust score of the root domain, and vice-versa. This is how your subdomain acquired its initial trust score before anyone rated it. If a subdomain gets a pile of similar ratings, this can distinguish it from the root domain's score; but because your subdomain has no content, it can't happen.

Collectively, these issues suggest that a free WIX subdomain is not a good way to save (or earn) money.

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