Please Evaluate My Webpage - - Thanks

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Please Evaluate My Webpage - - Thanks

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Here is my Site Information;

Scorecard -

Introduction - This webpage is the storefront for my business, which is a mail order knife sharpening service. I am also in the process of becoming a "Wicked Edges" authorized dealer and plan to sell some of their products in 2019. I am very open on the site about who I am and the service I offer and I do provide a money back guarantee if a customer is unsatisfied with my service. This site is completely "Clean" and child friendly, though I will only sell to people over the age of 18. My business is based in Canada only and I do not supply this service internationally. Please have a look and I welcome any comments. This site has not been up for long as I have only recently completed it. Please review my site and provide an honest rating. Thanks.

Privacy policy - ... i1-Kn5zOvE

Contact the site owners - My contact information is on my "About Us" Page, Here ... i1-Kn5zOvE

Whois information - please generate a link to your site’s “whois” database. See this example on how to do so:

Ownership verification
I have verified my ownership of this site with WOT

Jeff Fillier
Custom Edges
62 Clearwater Drive
Clarenville, Newfoundland, Canada
A5A 4P6

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