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Please Evaluate

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Introduction - Trend Chaser is owned and operated by Hive Media Group based out of San Diego California. Trend Chaser is an online entertainment publication for the baby boomer generation in the United States. In the last year, we have revamped our editorial team with an educated, experienced and reputable editorial leadership team. The new editorial leadership has developed processes to bring more accountability, fact-checking and sourcing to our stories and imagery. We now license and/or source our stories and photos from credible and reliable sources to ensure our content is trustworthy and entertaining to our desired audiences. In addition to a redesigned editorial team and process, Trend Chaser was redesigned to create a better user experience for both mobile and desktop users. I do not believe that the score that we have received is a reflection of the hard work we put into creating a safe and user-friendly space. While I understand that the style of content we write is not for everybody I do not believe that our website is a safety concern for children or that our content is not trustworthy. That being said, I would greatly appreciate if the WOT community could review our website and provide any feedback that may help us create the best possible website and experience for our users.

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