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Please evaluate

Post by danherman » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:34 pm

Hi folks,

Could you please be take a moment to review our website? And please share any feedback you might have!

Site URL -

Scorecard - hxxps://

Introduction - DigitalFish is a small company with a long history (since 2000) of delivering B2B service in computer animation and digital media, often by developing bespoke graphics software or production technology for animation and game studios. Our long-standing customers include many of the best-known media companies, production studios, technology leaders and consumer brands worldwide. I am a co-founder of the company, and this past spring I've created a new website for us. As I'm doing this myself, and I'm not a web developer, I'd greatly appreciate your feedback. We have no prior WOT reviews that I know of (other than the one I just posted).

Privacy policy - hxxps://

Contact the site owners - hxxps://

Whois information - hxxp://

Ownership verification - complete

Thank you so much!

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