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Reevalution -

Post by NeverSink » Fri Jun 12, 2020 12:59 pm

Hi, I'd like to know the reason for the "possibly harmful" evaluation for my website:

Scorecard: - marked as "This site is potentially harmful"

Site URL:


The website is a tool for the popular online game "Path of Exile" (Diablo-esque ARPG). In that game players get showered by items and the game supports and (official) ".filter" file format that allows hiding, filtering, coloring etc. items.

Since over 5 years I run the most popular item filter in the game: "NeverSink's item filter ( ) and I've designed a website (over 3 years ago) that allows users to modify the filter in an online interface, simulate ingame loot and try it out before downloading or synchronizing with the game. You can imagine it as a "google docs for path of exile filters files".

The site is non-commercial and runs 2 minimal ads (small banners, both google ads).

We're also trusted by the official game developers and have an OAUTH login and don't store any personal data.

All of the calculations are performed on the frontend and the backend only handles logins and save/load procedures. We don't store any personal information and don't have non OAUTH accounts.

Recently I got informed by some users on my discord, that they've been receiving plugin warnings. We didn't perform any deployments recently and I wanted to know why my site is rated as "possibly harmful" and what I can do to address that?

Privacy policy/Contact:

Ownership: I'm the owner of the website and am open to all questions here or over the emails, discord, twitter etc. I apologize, but I'm not very comfortable with installing additional scripts on my website that might track and affect millions of users as you can surely understand.

Thank you for your time and effort!

PS: A note we don't have a HTTPS redirect, because we're using local storage as an non-login option to save user filters. The redirect would cause hundred thousand users to have troubles accessing their work.

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