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Site URL - hxxps://

Scorecard - hxxps://

Introduction -It's a retro search engine powered by Google Custom Search that looks like 2000's Google. I also have my own personal site with it, and we store some of our other projects from SearchGoggloPlexia here. There are a lot of sites to search. One of our projects stored there are FrearchGoggloPlexia, a shopping version of the search engine. We also have the labs, to test out new projects to see if they're working. Others include news, espanol, sgpmessenger, my own site, and more. Enjoy your visit.

Privacy policy - hxxps://

Contact the site owners - We have a contact page at contact_us.html, but it the only thing in it is our company email:

Whois information - please generate a link to your site’s “whois” database. See this example on how to do so: hxxps:// (the site in template doesn't work with subdomains)

Proof of owning the site:
(hxxps:// if you cannot access it)

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