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Post by Ventrawall » Tue Dec 07, 2021 8:02 am

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introduction: New generation, smart, cotton wall paint Ventrawall is the best alternative to wall paint and wallpaper. Provides %80 heat and %60 sound insulation when applied to the interior wall surfaces. Easy to apply Ventrawall also has many color and design options which bring a marvelous look to the homes and offices.
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Post by A440 » Thu Dec 09, 2021 5:49 am

Hello and welcome to WOT.

Your site appears to be safe and has a privacy policy in place.
Your SSL rating is good too (A).

I suggest the following so as to insure site security more:
No website application firewall was detected. You might install a cloud-based WAF to prevent website hacks and DDoS attacks.

The site is missing a security header for click-jacking protection. You could try using a content-security-policy: frame-ancestors 'none'.

The site is missing a security header to prevent content type sniffing.

The site is missing a strict-transport-security header.

The site is missing a content-security-policy directive. You could try adding the following CSP directives
(you can use default-src if all values are the same): script-src, object-src, base-uri, frame-src
The products look interesting. I've used a locally made paint that uses a type of clay which does much of the same thing as this wall covering, thus it is interesting to read about this product. I wish you could send me more information about this product and how it is applied.


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