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Post by sky2013 » Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:54 am

Site URL: http://warez.loxblog.com
Scorecard: [url=https://www.mywot.com/scorecard/warez.loxblog.com t=_self]View scorecard[/url]

Direct Link Download for Top Movies .دانلود فیلم و انیمیشن با لینک مستقیم بدون محدودیت.speed 3mb.movies animation series anime.diect download

Has privacy policy?
[url=http://warez.loxblog.com/profile.php t=_self]http://warez.loxblog.com/profile.php[/url]

Has a way for users to contact site owners?
[url=http://warez.loxblog.com/profile.php t=_self]http://warez.loxblog.com/profile.php[/url]

Whois Information:

This post was generated automatically. All information is as entered by the site owner.

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RE: warez.loxblog.com

Post by th3br41n » Sun Oct 13, 2013 4:54 pm

Hi sky2013,
welcome to WOT.

Sorry but I think your evaluation request is a disputable and indirect way to self-promote.
Your website allows the download of copyrighted material, so I think it has the reputation it deserves.


RE: warez.loxblog.com

Post by Guest » Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:23 am

I am sorry , but my rating remains the same , just as your site has not changed
Good luck

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RE: warez.loxblog.com

Post by 用戶星光 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:24 am

Rated for distributing warez and pirated content.

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