Firefox and WOT


No problem here

Post by Guest » Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:11 pm

Firefox and WOT are friends over here

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Apply trick + Restart FF

Post by bjsg » Sun Feb 17, 2008 9:50 am

I'm using FF 2.0.012 & WOT 20080214 and when I install WOT, this is not usefull, the little icon says "disabled while the browser is offline" like 'seaniesean', then apply the trick by 'Sami' toggling the "Work Offline" option in the File menu a couple of times, now WOT stay updating info for long time without effect, then I RESTART FireFox and WOT is running OK.

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FF 2.0.12 and WOT friends on my computer

Post by connorscomputershow » Sun Feb 17, 2008 7:40 pm

I have not had any issues.

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how to log out of WOT

Post by edsparts » Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:06 pm

i went to the mythbusters site and my WOT went wild, when i typed in, then i went back to google, there was another, but on the TV show they said www. not dsc., so my point is that something is just not right, i have also bin having problems logging on to AOL, i have about 200 or more E-Mails that i would like to read at, but i have 10 different browers not just one firefox is the main one , but opera, also dislikes too. but firefox doesn't connect, it looks like its trying over and over again,
Im thinking of going to a computer coffee cafe just to read my e-mail from
yes i know this is just not right, i.m stalling on a build of another computer with windows xp HE, i had xp pro, that it before i wiped it off my hard drive,
i think i got real mad that i had downloaded from mircosoft, and my computer locked me out, i just could not take that crap any longer, so im now have bin running linux for about a year or so, maybe longer, i do not know, its has bin so long, maybe i just dont care anymore, thats it, i dont care anymore, also
windows vista does not print to a printer, but the software says that it is printing , so what ever happen to making new software work, before they sold it to the public???????? also like windows 98 then came win 98se, it seems to me that must have a bunch of losers work at mircosoft in the US of A.....but windows 98se runs great, and really fast with a new computer, but win vista has a lot of problems, i dont like it, lots of my friends run it, and they all say that it sucks, but then again i haved reloaded ubuntu about 8 times now, on just one of two hard drives, my other hard drive has ubuntu7.04 reloaded about 4 more times, with all the free software out there, i have reconfigered linux, and theres so many different operating systems that work with each other, i would think thats kinda cool, i started computing back in 79, with a harris 800 mini mainframe, with plater drives, and a tape back-ups,
and had 8 1/4 floppy disks for a backup of that operating system, i was righting aI programs in bacic, fortran 77, i converted alot of game programs from fortran 44 to 77, games were not aloud at the college that i was at, and was so boring waiting for people to help them with there programs, i just
hid all my game programs, and tell my friends to play with them, see if they could get them to crash., some of those programs were about 30,000 to
50,000 lines of code, before compiled ...........ed.
then linux is about 30 years old. some times change is good.

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Re: how to log out of WOT

Post by Sami » Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:07 pm

If you'd rather log in to our website manually (and be able to log out), you can tell the add-on to stop logging you in: open WOT settings from the rating window, go to the Advanced page, deselect the option "Log in automatically to" and click "Apply settings". After you restart the browser (and possibly clear your cookies), you won't be automatically logged in anymore.

What comes to AOL, WOT shouldn't interfere it you logging in. If you suspect it does, you can always try temporarily disabling it: right click the WOT icon, deselect the option "Enabled". Also, it seems that redirects to, so it doesn't sound like anything is wrong there.

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thanks for the info, thank you.....ed

Post by edsparts » Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:02 pm

gee thanx again......ed

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thanks for the info, thank you.....ed

Post by edsparts » Sat Feb 23, 2008 3:09 pm

thank you for all the info.........ed

Brian McDonnell
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WOT and FF2.0.0.12

Post by Brian McDonnell » Mon Feb 25, 2008 1:05 am

Downloaded WOT 2 days ago,in windows XP & SP2, and encountered the same "WOT is disabled while the browser is offline" problem encountered above. Toggling the Work offline command in the File menu worked just fine. WOT switched to " WOT updating" and 5 minutes later came on just fine.

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Firefox and WOT plug in

Post by Antkin » Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:07 pm

I'm a Googler


I am a big fan of Google. Google UK is set as my home page. Since I down loaded the Firefox plug in WOT for Firefox I have found that Google displays the WOT rating on every page. It's great just like a traffic light, Red for Stop, Yellow for caution and Green for go. I have two web sites of my own one has been rated as a good site (Green) and the other has a question mark against it as unrated, I do hope that this will also change to a Green for good web site in the near future. My partner In North Yorkshire has a web design web site that has a question mark against it so I have introduced him to Firefox and the WOT plug in.

A Perkin Web Design
A WOT user for three weeks

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Same Problem: Cannot Customize Using Firefox 2.x.x on Mac OSX

Post by Syxx » Mon Mar 10, 2008 7:21 pm

I cannot adjust my settings although the WOT settings page says,"Note: Custom protection level is currently disabled. These options are available only to registered WOT members."

For some time now, full customization has been pending but on Mac OSX - both Tiger and Leopard, using Firefox 2.x.x - I have not been able to effect ANY warnings customizations, other than to completely disable WOT.

I am annoyed when I browse to a site that has been negatively rated causing it not only to be "blacked out," but if I wish to browse the site anyhow, each time I manipulate the mouse, the black-out returns. I have to reaffirm, each time, that I wish to scan the site anyway. The loop goes on and on. I have upper arm pain from repetitive mouse machinations. These extra actions only add to my distress AND it is just extremely irritating!

Also, I rated some sites, when I initially signed up for WOT, but I have not been able to locate those ratings on my home page.


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