Getting a website to be categorized as Trustworthy

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Getting a website to be categorized as Trustworthy

Post by sophie » Fri Jun 29, 2007 2:05 am

What criteria must a website fulfill to be categorized as 'trustworthy'? Is there any finer details that needs to be included?

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re:Getting a website to be categorized as Trustworthy

Post by Sami » Fri Jun 29, 2007 3:00 pm

We don't set the reputations, our users do. If enough users trust your website, it will be shown as trustworthy on the add-on. Also, reputations aren't static, they are continuously updated based on incoming ratings. Even if our users consider a website trustworthy today, they are free to change their opinion at any time.

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Safe websites vs unsafe

Post by wehaveitall » Tue Jul 03, 2007 4:53 pm

I'm a webmaster, and I have been for years. If there's a specific site you are looking at, you can give me the url and I'll look at it. In the long run, most people decide whether or not a site is safe varying on many things. First off, if you know for sure a site is a spoofer, you can decide right then and there that a site is dangerous. Appearance is important to. If you have flashing ads all over and ask to change viewers cursor all the time, that can influence people's opinions. In my case, if the entire site is all about downloading and has any unfamiliar sites for ads, (for example ads besdies google ads) than i would consider it unsafe. Visitors of smiley central found it was unsafe from the spyware and viruses they got from downloading their product. If your site isnt all about downloading, to gain your viewer's trust, you must give your website an inviting look with not a lot of ads. Normally, sites that truely are dangerous involve lots of downloading and buying, and if your site doesn't have either aspect, viewers are more likely to trust that site.

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