I can't agree or disagree to comments for brothersoft.com?

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Re: "Please read questions carefully"

Post by Jazspeak » Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:26 pm

You asked in the OP, "I'm just wondering why i'm not able to agree or disagree to comments for brothersoft.com?" That question is specific to brothersoft, isn't it? In fact you have admitted as much when you stated, "The problem WAS ONLY NOTICED WITH BROTHERSOFT." Please frame your questions more carefully in future.

Actually, the "problem" occurs with many similar sites, which you will no doubt come across from time to time, and as you probably now realise is not a problem at all. Oh yes, and you won't find any such problems with my own site, and I hope that you never have such problems with your own site (if you have one).

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Please re-read my earlier post

Post by Armored » Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:09 am

This is a copy and paste from a portion of one of my previous posts, I encourage you to please read it carefully this Time:

"Off course my question specifically mentioned brothersoft. Like I said earlier I only noticed my problem when I tried to agree or disagree to comments on "brothersoft.com". Therefore I felt it was necessary to mention them. And as it turns out I was right, because if I didn't mention them Klaus_b would not have been able to give me such a quick and accurate answer. me mentioning them gave him the right direction to look...............So with these points in mind, also for the fact that I received an accurate answer within minutes of posting my question: The conclusion is, my question was phrased well."

Does it penetrate yet?
Just to be safe:

My argument was about the "Benefits" of mentioning brothersoft in my question. Not whether I specifically mentioned them or not.

Because brothersoft has been extensively discussed on previous threads, This seems to have made you very sensitive when you see there website qouted in a sentence. You automatically presume the discussion is about them.
Klaus-b understood that my question was about the function and not brothersoft, and answered it perfectly within minutes. Realy that's where this thread should have finished:
something like this:
1) Me asking question
2) Klaus-b answers
3) I say thank you
4) end of thread.....

sadly though this probably won't be the end of the thread.

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