Is this possible??

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Is this possible??

Post by marko2002 » Thu Sep 11, 2008 10:33 pm

Hi, I guess this is probably a question for WOT although if anyone could steer me in the right direction I'd be grateful ... basically I own and have over the course of a year made our site extremely successful pure and simply because we probably bin more freeware than we list. I'm new to WOT and had been using SiteAdvisor for a while but I get a great feeling here and the rating system for FF addon is just so simple and easy to guage immediately but I'm intreged to know if there is or is planned any form of webmaster tool that can be integrated into websites such as ours to automatically check URL's we list before going live.

Because we work differently to other "freeware" sites (and I use the term other "freeware" very loosly) we manually input all our listings and check each one beforehand but this is extremely time consuming and is getting harder as we get more popular. If anyone from WOT would be interested in developing such a plugin I would be happy to accomodate testing and would love to have a banner across the site informing people all our URLs are WOT checked.

Just a thought but any responses greatly received

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Re: webmaster tools.

Post by logicman » Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:36 pm

That's a great idea!

"a banner across the site informing people all our URLs are WOT checked."

That would be good. It sure beats all the 'awards' I see on bogus sites.

Hmmm. Interesting T&Cs:
"Please do not make other members want to kill you."
I like it. Concise, gets my vote. Who needs legalese? :-)


Hey marco2002,Curious . . .

Post by Guest » Fri Sep 12, 2008 1:07 am

Hey marco2002,

Curious . . . what does your logo of a penguin in a prison uniform with a microsoft ball and chain signify??

Just a suggestion, and maybe this is somewhere on the site, but I think you should advertise it prominently on the home page (and if I missed it, I apologize). Many freeware sites advertise a guarantee that usually says something like "100% spyware and malware free". But that's all. It's a hollow guarantee without anything to back it up. And in fact, I've gotten adware bordering on malware from some of these "guarantee" sites.

Now if you check your stuff manually by actually running it (a very tedious method indeed, but far better than a hollow guarantee), THAT'S what I think you should clearly advertise. That's what would set you apart from the rest . . . and I think you said as much in your post. And if you bin more freeware than you list, you should probably advertise that too.

I also noticed in your rules (written with good humor I might add . . . my compliments) that you mentioned something about delisting a freeware if it was found by a user to contain malware. I think you might consider advertising that policy too, because other freeware sites don't do that.

Now before I get your homepage all cluttered up with your own banner ads, also including the one you proposed to WOT, let me just say that if you achieve a rep for clean freeware beyond the routine (and often useless) "guarantee", then you will have a heavily trafficked site.

As I understand it, you are asking WOT to do two things. 1. Give you the capability to use their ratings for the URL's you list, and 2. Give you a banner ad saying all the URL's on your site have been checked by WOT.

If that's the case, what would you do if a WOT rating were less than green for a URL you list?? Let's say the WOT rating was red. Would you immediately delist it?? I know you said you would screen these things before you listed them, but the WOT rating could change after you listed the URL. And bear in mind that WOT ratings, like all the rest, are not 100% foolproof. Now and then, an inaccurate rating may creep in. And if you delisted it, the author may complain that the WOT rating may have been in error. That happens now and then. Are you prepared to explain this to the irate author?? And what about if a site changed owners, and the new owner was a malware peddler?? If the WOT rating remained green 'till WOT caught up, you may have a lot of pissed off customers . . . and they would also seriously doubt the validity of a WOT rating. There may be legal issues for both you and WOT. All that "hold harmless" stuff. I'm not suggesting that you scrap the idea, but rather that you think of what it may entail. Sorry if that sounds pompous . . . you may already have thought it through.

In any case, Good Luck!!

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Re: Is this possible??

Post by Sami » Fri Sep 12, 2008 7:33 am

I think you could use our widget for this. If there's a page where you have the links you are reviewing, add the widget there and you'll see ratings next to the links.

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Hi all and thanks for the

Post by marko2002 » Fri Sep 12, 2008 2:21 pm

Hi all and thanks for the replies, they are appreciated.

OK, here goes, let me start answering some of the questions ... (deep breath)

Ts & Cs I think were actually written when we were just starting the site under a year ago and we were so excitied about it all that (and I'm going by a fuzzy memory here!) we may very well have been a little, lets say, merry (Jack Daniels and Morgan Spice are always a welcome addition to our think-tank!).

BobJam, to be honest you are the first person to ask this and I'm glad you did because I refer you then to the above answer :) .. only kidding, it's a kind of love/hate relationship I had with linux/open source/windows etc. Although I feel linux, unix, etc is the better operating system the popularity of Windows means it's unlikely people will switch. Linux and the others didn't really seem to do themselves any favours either as they could have and should still simplify their operating systems to the point where jo bloggs can use them although to some extend they have came a long way, but there is still a great deal more for them to do to win (if that's ever possible) the fight against windows. That said, I do think windows is a good OS, I use it and don't have any problems with it but MS can and do over price their products whereas most of the other OS's are free so the logo simply represents my support for linux, mandrake and all things open source whilst at the same time showing MS to be the "ball and chain" keeping these guys at bay. (hope that explains!).

OK, onto the more serious stuff ..
I know it's all too easy for a site to pop up and say "we're spyware, virus and malware free" cause believe me I've came across some shocking examples as have the rest of you I'm sure. I cannot at this moment in time say our site doesn't contain a few baddies that may have slipped through the net but this is exactly why I'm keen to have some sort of pre and post checking system in place. Granted, nothing is fool-proof but that's not my intention .. my desire is to make it as safe as possible on our site and this was just another idea which could go someway to helping the cause. We always try to check URL's etc when submitting listings to our site but the problem we have at the moment is that those listings which were submitted, say 6 months ago, could now have been taken over by spyware monters and I'm linking to them!!. It's an impossible task at the moment for us to continually check all our listings as we just do not have the resources nor the technology although to have some form of WOT monitor in place such as a scipt that can auto-check all external links on a page each week or month etc would mean at least something is able to keep an eye on this.

The idea behind that could be something like the WOT rating of the combined external URL's positioned in a prominent place on the page (probably near the top) and if the ratings of those URLs were to plumit then so would the WOT ratings and as a consequence it could be built in to the script that an email or PM were sent to the admin if it falls below a certain threshold. I'm not by any means a expert coder but I would anticipate WOT themselves being able to put something like this together without too much hassle, after all they built their own checking system!!

If this happens, manual intervention would then dictate what happens next although a review of the site would be required and in the meantime we would sandbox the listing to somewhere like an "under investigation" area on the site. If the reasons for the sudden drop in ratings were obvious then they would be removed from our site without any further consideration although if the reasons were not immediately obvious we could send a note to the webmaster expressing our concerns and giving them a time limit after which the listing would be removed. If a website were in our sandbox, they would instinctively react as who would want to be classed in such a manner. After all, they may not even know there is a problem until someone brought it to their attention.

This does all seem like hard work you must be thinking, but to be honest it can't be any harder than what we're doing at the minute, the difference being just now we could potentially be linking to bad sites whereas with this kind of system in place we can avoid the possibility of that ever happening and so truley call our site 100% clean!.

Being more specific to your questions BobJam, I know where you're coming from with the problem of WOT listing green when the site has now turned red, but again we would be reliant on WOTs users rating the site and our visitors hitting a "panic button" which could lead directly to WOT to rate the site accordingly. If we had to delist an authors work because their URL or downloads contained spyware we wouldn't concern ourselves with their thoughts, as this would only ever happen anyway after we check their site also. The problem then I guess comes from us re-listing their software/URL if we are convinced it was a false alarm and the site still showing in WOT as red, could be a sticky one!!.

Sami, I think this is definately some way to a possible solution although would this take into account all the external URL's on that page or simply the URL of the page the widget is on?

Thanks again all for your replies and if I've missed anything please feel free to point it out.

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What ever happened to the

Post by AnonymousSpecial » Fri Sep 12, 2008 2:52 pm

What ever happened to the public query API. I was going to post about it here and the API url is giving me a 404 error.

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You lost me Rob?

Post by marko2002 » Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:06 pm

You lost me Rob?

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Re: What ever happened to the

Post by Sami » Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:19 pm

The API had almost no users, and then the business people found out about it... :)

Seriously speaking, anyone interested in using an API to access the ratings should contact us first from now on and explain what they have in mind.

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Re: Hi all and thanks for the

Post by Sami » Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:22 pm

would this take into account all the external URL's on that page or simply the URL of the page the widget is on?

The widget adds ratings to all the external links on the page, or only some of them, according to its settings. It looks like this →.

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OK I'm not familiar with API

Post by marko2002 » Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:26 pm

Sorry didn't see that last reply - I'm not familiar with API but I'm guessing that's something along the lines of what I was after??

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