MyWOT traffic lights have somehow disappeared

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MyWOT traffic lights have somehow disappeared

Сообщение Bolu01 » Вт июн 26, 2018 8:52 am

My WOT traffic lights have somehow disappeared and I simply don't have any information on the reliability of sites. Secondly although I am still registered I can't find the programme on my system...

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Re: MyWOT traffic lights have somehow disappeared

Сообщение NotBuyingIt » Вт июн 26, 2018 6:18 pm

For newer versions of the WOT extension, "Real-time protection" must be enabled in the WOT extension settings in order for site reputations to be automatically displayed. Be sure that you completely understand WOT's privacy policy before enabling that option. You may need to be logged into the extension (which is different from being logged into the forum at the WOT website).

Should you wish to ask for more advice, be sure to include the information that is typically needed for problems with any browser extension:
[*]Your computer's operating system and its version
[*]Your browser's name and its version; e.g., Firefox version 61.0 (64-bit)
[*]The name and version number of each and every installed browser extension; e.g., WOT Web of Trust version 20180622.0wot


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